Chapter 11

(Monday, April 5th, after 20:00)

ZHCh11Kirishima walked into his condo, dumping the keys on the hallway table.  He’d walked Asami into his penthouse and made sure Taniguchi and the other two men were in place.  He’d told Asami he was going home to get some rest and that he would pick him up early afternoon the next day.

He knew being Asami’s First Assistant would be a 24 hour job and that it would be stressful but he wasn’t prepared for this situation.  Asami was not himself and he wasn’t thinking clearly.  Kirishima sighed, wondering what he should expect from his boss.  Asami was brilliant and impressive but the man had just lost his lover after a difficult kidnapping situation and someone had tried to kill him only hours earlier.  He is only a man, thought Kirishima, which is why he needs me.

He hoped Suoh and the others wouldn’t find anything at the building.  It would give him time to check the phone and find out who was making the calls.  He realized he was starting to feel a little overwhelmed.  He leaned up against the back of his couch, loosening his tie.  Phone calls from your boss’s dead lover might make anyone feel overwhelmed, he told himself.

No, that wasn’t it, he thought, as he walked into his bedroom, removed his jacket, and took it to the walk-in closet to hang it up among the neat rows of his other suits.  He had to admit the man from the garage wasn’t far from his thoughts.  He knew if the situation with Asami wasn’t so intense he would be thinking about him all the time.  He went to the kitchen and got himself a glass of water.  He drank it down, took off his glasses, and rubbed his eyes.  Sleep.  A little sleep will help, he thought.

The doorbell rang.

Kirishima set the water glass down, put his glasses back on, and went to the door, leaving the hallway light off.  He drew his gun, leaned up against the wall, and waited.  The doorbell rang again.  He pulled out his phone and checked for messages.  There were none.  He’d instructed all the men to call if they were going to each other’s homes unexpectedly as a precaution even if it meant calling while standing outside the door.  He backed slowly away from the door, still against the wall, and slid down towards the floor.

There was a knock then a voice.  “Kei, I know you’re there.  Open the door.”  Kirishima felt a jolt.  It was the man from the garage.  He said nothing.  “If you don’t open this door I will be forced to break it down.  Or worse.  Either way, you’re not going to like it.  If I have to do worse, you’re really not going to like it.”

Kirishima pulled out his phone and began calling Suoh.  “Don’t call anyone or set off the security alarm, please,” said the man.  “Look, I want to talk to you.  I won’t hurt you.  Please just open the door.”

Kirishima paused, staring at the door then glanced down at his phone.

“My name is Maseo.  I’m not going to hurt you, your boss, or any of your men.”

Kirishima put his phone away.  He stood up slowly and reached for the door.  He wanted to let Maseo in though he knew he shouldn’t.  He laid his hand on the door for a moment.  A warmth was starting to course through him.  He took a breath, unlocked the door, and quickly stepped back.  He pointed the gun where he knew Maseo was standing.

“Come in.  Slowly,” he said.  The door opened very slowly and then Maseo came at him with lightning speed.  In a moment, he had Kirishima up against one of his shoe closet doors, was holding his wrist with the gun, and had kicked the front door shut.  Maseo squeezed the bottom part of his hand, crunching the bones together.  Kirishima yelped and struggled.

“Now, let go of the gun,” said Maseo.  Kirishima struggled uselessly but could barely move.  “I’ll do it.  I’ll break your hand, Kei.  Let go.”

Kirishima nodded.  “Okay, okay.”  They were both breathing hard.  Maseo took the gun from him, opened the other shoe closet door, and laid it on one of the shelves.  He closed the door.

“You said you weren’t going to hurt me.”

“I didn’t.”

“You came at me and almost broke my hand.”

“You’re armed.  I’m not.  I had to get the gun away from you,” said Maseo.  He quickly stepped out of one shoe then the other by using his toe to slip the shoe off his heel.  He kicked them into the corner near the door. “Don’t want to be rude,” he said, smiling.

“You could just put them in the closet…next to my gun,” said Kirishima, “The door’s right there.” Though heat in his body was rising, he was able to manage a sarcastic tone.

“Why would I stop to do that when I have you right here…and you’re practically in my arms?” Maseo looked down at Kirishima’s mouth then leaned in close enough to kiss him though this time he placed his hands on the doors, closing him in.  Maseo’s body heat and wonderful scent seemed to be pouring off him.  Kirishima tried to pull away by pressing himself up against the doors and Maseo leaned even closer.  He laid his hands on Maseo’s chest trying to push him away, the cotton of his black button shirt smooth under his fingers.  He wasn’t wearing an undershirt.  The thought made him a little dizzy.

Maseo touched Kirishima’s cheek.  His fingertips were silky hot as he traced slowly along Kirishima’s jaw line.

“What…are you doing?” Kirishima asked.  “Who do you work for?” His glasses were fogging up again.  He stared into Maseo’s dark eyes, unable to look away.  He felt like he was falling, a slow sensuous drop.  Maseo’s luscious heat seemed to be seeping into his body, spreading slowly across his shoulders, up his neck, and down his back.

Maseo undid Kirishima’s loosened tie, letting his fingers trail along the silk then removed it, reaching behind his collar.  He felt a jolt as Maseo’s soft fingertips brushed along his neck.  He dropped the tie then took off his own fogged up glasses.  His hands trembled as he put them into his jacket pocket.  “I don’t really work for anyone,” said Maseo.  He began unbuttoning Kirishima’s shirt.

“Don’t…,” said Kirishima, trying to push away his hands.  Maseo grabbed his wrist with one hand, pressing his hand up against the door, and pulled open his unbuttoned shirt, exposing his neck.  He leaned forward and slowly kissed Kirishima’s neck, tracing his hot mouth up towards his ear.

“Just a few hours earlier you offered your mouth to me and were thrusting your hips into mine, Kei.  Why are you resisting me now?” Maseo said softly, nipping his earlobe.

“Ahhh!”  Maseo was still holding his wrist.  The feel of his exquisitely soft hand made Kirishima flex his fingers.  He wanted to intertwine Maseo’s fingers with his own.  He tilted his head to give Maseo better access.  Slow kisses burned up and down his neck.  The heat seemed to be surrounding them though he couldn’t tell if it was all Maseo’s or also his own.

Maseo let go of his wrist and slipped his hand inside Kirishima’s open shirt, tracing his collarbone slowly from one side to the other.  The heat and softness of his fingers made him twitch.  Maseo moved his hand to his right nipple and gave it a gentle pinch.  “Ahhhh!” Kirishima arched his back into him, gripping his shoulders.  Maseo wrapped his arm around his waist and gently nipped his neck.

“Hah!  Hah!  Hah!”  Kirishima’s glasses were completely fogged up.  He could barely breathe.  He was aching, hungering for him.  Maseo might take him right there, up against the wall.  Kirishima let out another gasp at this thought, heat flooding his face.

Maseo pulled back.  “I never thought you would be this responsive,” he murmured.  He began to trace the outline of Kirishima’s lips.

“Wait,” he whimpered.  He tried to push him away again but it only made Maseo press his body up against him.  Kirishima took a sudden breath.  He could feel Maseo’s hardness.  He closed his eyes and pressed up against him.  Maseo held him tighter.

“Let me, Kei,” Maseo whispered.  He kissed the corner of his mouth then he gave the corner a gentle lick.

“I…It’s…,” Kirishima gasped.  He was falling.  He wanted to abandon himself to the feeling.  Maseo kissed him softly on the cheek.  Kirishima let out another cry as Maseo gently removed his fogged up glasses and laid them on the hallway table next to the shoe closet.  He put his arms around Maseo’s neck, thrusting his hips into his hardness and exquisite heat.  Maseo laid his hands on his ass, squeezing, pressing him closer, and he couldn’t control his hips anymore.  He pushed and pushed against him.  He wanted Maseo to take him.  He wanted it so badly the desire had turned to pain.

“Let me and I’ll have you,” Maseo whispered again.  He licked very slowly and gently at his lips again.  “Tell me you want me to, Kei.” Maseo’s voice was shaking.

“Yes, I want—.” He moaned as Maseo slipped his tongue inside his mouth.

Kirishima’s legs buckled and he collapsed against Maseo.

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