Chapter 12 (NC-17)

 (Monday, April 5th, after 20:00)

ZHCh12Hot water poured over and in between their bodies.  Steam billowed, fogging up the glass.  Maseo kissed Kirishima slowly, flicking his tongue gently at the roof of his mouth.

“Mmmm!”  Kirishima shuddered at the tickling sensation.  He pressed his lips harder against Maseo’s mouth, relishing their softness.  They were holding each other tight:  Kirishima’s arms around his neck, Maseo’s hands around his waist.  The kiss softened and Kirishima let his hands slide down Maseo’s shoulders then he kissed his way down his neck.  He nuzzled into the crook of Maseo’s shoulder and closed his eyes.  Though they were in the shower under hot water, he could still feel Maseo’s lush warmth.  He took a deep breath and inhaled his delicious scent.  Maseo ran his warm, smooth hand up his back until it was resting on the nape of Kirishima’s neck.  They remained there, not moving for a few moments as the water gushed over them.

Maseo took his hand, giving it a gentle squeeze then raised Kirishima’s hand to his lips and slowly kissed the inside of his wrist, the palm of his hand, then licked his first and middle fingers before slipping them into his hot mouth, sucking gently.  Kirishima shivered at the sensation.  Maseo let go of his hand then sucked on his lower lip before slipping his tongue back into Kirishima’s mouth.  They intertwined their tongues then kissed deeper still, lips pressing together, tongues moving, mouths releasing and coming together again until Maseo ended the kiss and nipped his earlobe instead.  Kirishima whimpered.  His mouth was hot, wet, and tingling with longing.

He tried to kiss him again but Maseo pushed him up against the shower tiles and placed delicate bites along his neck.  Kirishima dug his fingers into Maseo’s shoulders, gasping at slow shudders of sensation that moved in waves through his body.  He was aching and burning up.  His knees began to give out again and Maseo shifted his arm so he was holding him securely.

“Hah!  Hah!” Maseo was tracing his tongue along the inside of his ear.  He’d put his hands around his waist and was kneading his fingers gently along the small of Kirishima’s back.  He could hear Maseo’s soft gasps in his ear over the sound of the shower water.

Maseo pulled away, applying soap to his palms then slipped his hands over Kirishima’s wet skin, washing him down.  He worked his way over Kirishima’s taut belly, pausing to let the hot water wash away the soap, and then gripped his engorged cock.

Kirishima cried out as he thrust his hips forward, his cock sliding in his hand.  Maseo knelt down and took him slowly into his mouth, circling the underside of the head with his tongue before pushing his cock all the way down his throat.  Kirishima threw his head back and screamed, hot water splashing on his face.  Maseo’s mouth was not only as hot as his skin but it felt like the softest velvet.  He fisted his hands in Maseo’s wet hair and tried to push deeper.  Maseo shook his head a little from side to side so Kirishima’s cock was thrusting in little strokes in his throat, taking care not to graze him with his teeth.  His soft tongue slid along the underside of his thick hard shaft, silky smooth and wet.  He took hold of him then stroked and sucked along the length of Kirishima’s shaft, up and down, gradually increasing his speed, his hand and mouth moving in perfect rhythm, still circling his tongue over the underside of his head at the top.

Kirishima felt like he was going to lose his mind.

When he couldn’t stand it anymore, he pushed Maseo’s hands away and plunged his cock deep into his mouth, pulled almost all the way out, and shoved it back in.  Maseo stopped moving his head up and down and let Kirishima thrust in and out.   He knew he was pushing too hard but he couldn’t stop.  He had to keep driving into Maseo’s mouth and throat, deep into his exquisite heat and velvety softness.

“Hah, ha, hah, Mase-!!!” Kirishima cried out.  He was harder than he’d ever been in his life.  Straining, aching pleasure that bordered on pain was mounting inside him.  Maseo had his hands on Kirishima’s thrusting cheeks, spreading them wide, caressing his entrance with his fingers as the hot water ran over them.  Kirishima shoved his cock all the way into Maseo’s mouth and held himself there for a moment.  Maseo’s throat made swallowing movements then he gently shook his head back and forth again, causing searing jolts of pleasure to fire through him.  His face burned and he couldn’t breathe anymore.  He was going to climax, the pressure building and tightening.  Maseo pulled Kirishima’s rock hard cock out of his mouth then slowly pushed it all the way back in, pulling his hips towards him.  Thrust, pull, push, thrust.  Maseo was guiding Kirishima’s hips to plunge deeper and faster into his mouth.

“AH AHH AHHHH!! HAH! AH! Hah! Hah!”

Kirishima poured hot streams of cum into Maseo’s throat while his hips twitched and shook.  He couldn’t even scream anymore.  Instead, he was taking great gasping breaths as the heat and pleasure exploded through him.  His harsh breathing turned to hoarse moans while the firestorm gradually loosened its grip.  His hips thrust suddenly, making him cry out again from the aftershocks of his climax and from Maseo’s tongue which was still licking him.  Kirishima slumped over him, panting and shaking as Maseo released his cock from his mouth.  Hot water poured down the back of his head, running over the side of his face, and pounding on his back.

“Turn around, Kei.” Maseo’s voice sounded rough.  He was breathing hard.

He turned to face the shower tiles and then Maseo was spreading his cheeks.  Kirishima shuddered as he felt Maseo’s soapy fingers probe and slip around his entrance.  He knew if he hadn’t just climaxed, he would be screaming again.  As it was, he arched his back and moaned.  Maseo slipped a finger inside him, slowly pushing it in part way.  Kirishima took a sudden breath, tensing up.  He laid his hands on the shower tiles and willed himself to relax.  Maseo pulled his finger out for a moment then pushed it in again.  Kirishima felt the slight burning pain and then his finger was pulled back again.  There was a pause then Maseo pushed his finger deeper inside.  “Mmmmmm,” Kirishima sighed as his body relaxed and opened up.

Maseo removed his finger and stood up.  He applied more soap to his hands and rinsed them off.  Then he pressed himself against Kirishima, arms around his waist, kissing the back of his neck.  “Haaah!  Ah!” Kirishima gasped at all the sensations:  the hot water, Maseo’s soft lips, Maseo’s exquisitely sculpted body pressing against him, and his silky skin.

“Let me kiss you,” Maseo breathed into his ear.  Kirishima turned around.  Maseo’s tongue licked Kirishima’s mouth and he opened up for him.  They kissed slowly.  He could taste traces of his own cum as their tongues moved together.  Kirishima put his arms around him and they pressed their lips together, opening, tasting, licking, deeper.

Maseo kissed his cheek.  “Let’s go to bed,” he murmured.  The hot water was turned off and he was guided out of the shower.  Kirishima could barely focus, much less stay upright.  He didn’t care that he didn’t know Maseo.  He didn’t care if they were compatible or not.  The only thing that mattered was being in his arms.

He sighed as he felt a thick towel moving over his skin and then the warmth of Maseo’s arm around him as he walked him out of the bathroom.  A few moments later, Maseo pushed him gently and he collapsed among his cool, soft sheets.  Kirishima lay there, not moving, grateful the light wasn’t on.  He took a soft breath and would have probably gone to sleep if Maseo hadn’t landed on the bed next to him.

Kirishima rolled onto his side and went into Maseo’s arms, eyes closed.  The shower hadn’t washed Maseo’s wonderful scent away.  Kirishima inhaled the lovely, fresh scent and sighed.  A soft feeling of peace was drifting through him and along with it came cool, clear thoughts.  His last two lovers had been men but he’d never felt the same kind of overwhelming desire when he was with them, or with anyone he’d ever been with.  Overall, he preferred sleeping with men though he had been in love with both men and women before.  Love.  It had been a very long time since he’d felt anything close to resembling love.  Maybe since before he’d graduated from the university.  A tender feeling of longing welled up inside him and he remembered that only hours earlier he’d secretly wished that Maseo was the right person for him.

Maseo took Kirishima’s hand and kissed it, pressing his soft lips against his open palm.  “I like this.”

Kirishima opened his eyes.  Maseo’s hair was falling over his face.  Though it was dark in the bedroom, the light was on in the living room and he could see the soft expression in Maseo’s dark eyes.  “You like what?” he asked, brushing Maseo’s hair from his eyes.

“This.  I like being here with you and…doing things to you.”  Kirishima traced his fingers lightly on Maseo’s smooth chest, making him twitch.  It was raining outside.  Maseo’s arms were around him, one of his hands sliding slowly up and down his back.  Though it was cold outside, Maseo’s beautiful heat enveloped him.

“You talk like you’ve never done this before,” said Kirishima.  He continued to trace his fingers down over Maseo’s hard belly before slowly wrapping his hand around Maseo’s thick, long cock, giving it a firm squeeze.

“Mmmmm.”  Maseo thrust his hips and Kirishima gripped his cock tighter and stroked it.  “Ah, hah!”  Maseo gasped and a surge of heat went through Kirishima, making him ache.  He squeezed a little harder, still stroking, watching Maseo close his eyes.  He could feel the heat from his body intensifying.

“Kei…it’s…ah, hah!”  Maseo’s tip was leaking.  Hot, creamy pre-cum was dripping and trailing over Kirishima’s hand as he gradually increased the speed of his strokes.  “Stop!” Maseo gasped.

“I’m going to make you cum,” said Kirishima, his other hand on Maseo’s hip.  “I want to see your face.”

Maseo pulled Kirishima’s hand away and kissed him hard, pulling his chin down and slipping his tongue inside his mouth.  “Mmmmm!  Mmmm.”  Kirishima pressed himself even closer.  Maseo wrapped his arms around him, holding him tight.

Kirishima pressed his hard cock into Maseo’s muscular thigh, still kissing him.  He caressed Maseo’s cheek, slipping his fingers through his still damp hair then he kissed the corner of his mouth, making him sigh.  Kirishima wanted to submit to him, something which took him by surprise.  It had been many years since he’d bottomed for a man, something he’d enjoyed but never quite gotten used to because he was so used to being in charge all the time.  Now he wanted Maseo to take him, to control what they did, how they did it, and for how long.  He realized wanted to give himself completely to him.

“Say it again, Kei.  Say you want me to,” Maseo said softly against his mouth.

“Please,” Kirishima whispered.  There was a gentle pause and then Maseo rolled on top of him.

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