Chapter 13 (NC-17)

(Monday, April 5th, after 20:00)

ZHCh13Kirishima felt Maseo’s hands tremble as he ran them down his back, placing kisses along his spine.  “Mm!” Kirishima sighed when Maseo pressed his lips to small of his back.

“Does it tickle?”

“A little.  Ah!”  Kirishima arched his back again, thrusting his hips, when Maseo flicked his tongue along lower back vertebrae.

“Mmm.  You’re sensitive here,” said Maseo.  He licked very slowly along his spine, sliding his warm hands over Kirishima’s lower back and around his waist again.

Kirishima arched his back again and again in response to the almost tickling waves of pleasure.  He buried his head in the pillow, his breath coming out in gasps.

Maseo climbed on top of him, thrusting his hard cock up against Kirishima’s cheeks then moving up and pressing it against his lower back.  He moved his hips, slightly raised up, so his cock would slide back and forth in leisurely strokes.

“Mas-!” Kirishima kept thrusting his hips underneath him, driving them into the bed.  “Ahh!  Ah!  Ah!!” Waves of almost cool pleasure moved through him.  He gave into the feeling, the tender sensitivity making him tremble.

“You like that,” Maseo whispered, still moving his cock back and forth.

“Ah! Feels so…nghgh!” Kirishima raised his hips, pressing up against Maseo.

“That’s good, Kei.  Very good.”

Maseo moved slightly downward so his cock was resting in between Kirishima’s cheeks.  He kissed the back of his neck, brushing his lips up against the small sensitive hollow at the base of his skull.  Kirishima shuddered underneath him.

Maseo moved slowly against him.  “Ngh!” Kirishima gasped.  Maseo slipped his hands under his hips, his fingers spreading slightly, pulling him onto his knees.  “Hah! Hah!” Kirishima panted as Maseo rubbed his cock between his cheeks, up against his entrance, then rocked against him.  Kirishima cried out, pushing his hips back.  Maseo was rubbing his cock up against space behind his balls.  “Ah! Ah!” More waves of pleasure ran through him as Maseo’s hardness and heat stroked against the sensitive area.

Maseo pushed him down on the bed again.  He laid his head in the small of Kirishima’s back, kissing softly, then he moved over and lay down next to him.  He closed his eyes.

“W-Why are you stopping?”  Kirishima couldn’t control the shaking in his voice.

“I can’t, Kei.  It’s, well, it’s difficult to explain but I can’t continue.”  Maseo opened his eyes and rolled to his side, facing him.

Kirishima’s eyes widened.  “What do you mean you can’t?  You want to,” he said, sitting up.  He stared at him, face flushed.  “You started this!!!”

“I know and I shouldn’t have.  I’m sorry.  It’s gone too far already.  We’re.…”  He looked away from him.  “We’ve started bonding, you see, and that’s not a –”  Kirishima leaned over, grabbed his chin, and silenced him with a kiss.  Maseo sighed against his mouth and then Kirishima climbed on top, straddling him.  They kissed deeply.  Kirishima felt Maseo’s soft hands stroking up and down his back as their tongues moving together, circling, reaching deeper. The kiss ended and Maseo kept his eyes closed, breathing hard.  Kirishima leaned over him, the bed shifting, and opened the bedside table drawer taking out a tube of lube.  He stared down at Maseo as he removed the cap.  He took in the beautiful contours of Maseo’s body, his angular features, and full mouth.  His dark hair was falling over his face and he had long, pretty eyelashes. Kirishima shifted his aching hips then applied the lube, slipping his hand over Maseo’s cock.  Maseo opened his eyes and thrust his hips as Kirishima stroked him, sliding his hand up and down his thick, hard shaft.  He was applying pressure with his fingers, firmly squeezing.  Maseo thrust his hips until he was pumping himself in Kirishima’s hand.  “S-stop, I’m going to—.”

Kirishima stopped stroking him and applied more lube to his fingers then he reached behind himself, thrusting two fingers inside his entrance.  He cried out then let himself relax.  He withdrew his fingers and grabbed Maseo’s cock, centering himself over it then slowly lowered himself down.

“No, Kei, don’t!”  Maseo grabbed Kirishima’s hips to stop him.

“Yes.  I want to.”  Maseo’s exquisitely hard cock was at his entrance and he kept bearing down on him.  Maseo let out a groan then shoved him off.

Kirishima threw himself onto Maseo, trying to straddle him again.  Maseo rolled over, pinning him.  They were close to the edge of the bed.  “I’m stronger than you, Kei.”

“I don’t care!” said Kirishima, through clenched teeth, “You want to, Maseo.  I know you do.”  He was trying to roll him over again.

“We can’t, Kei.  Just trust me on that.”


Kirishima struggled underneath him, holding him tight, and the two men grappled.  Maseo was holding him down with no effort.

He stared into Maseo’s dark eyes, still fighting him. “I want…you,” he said.  His voice was almost hoarse.  Maseo’s sweet, fresh scent seemed to change to a warm, slightly sweet musk scent.  Kirishima thrust his hips into him, closing his eyes.  “Ah, hah, hah!”  The scent was exquisite, delicious, and Kirishima let himself get lost in the intensity of it.  He ran his hands over Maseo sculpted back, thrusting his hips as the aching built up inside him.

They were no longer struggling instead they rocked and moved together.  He opened his eyes and looked up at Maseo “Want you inside…me,” he managed to say.  Maseo kissed him hard, thrusting his tongue deep into his mouth again.  “Mmmrrmmm!  Ahhh!  Hmm!”  Kirishima bucked underneath him while hot spurts of his cum splattered on their bellies.  Maseo kissed him slowly, pressing his lips lightly then with more pressure.  Kirishima cried out his pleasure, still thrusting his hips while his climax subsided.  He sighed when Maseo slipped his tongue back into his mouth, his fingertips digging into his back.  “Mmmm.  Hmm.”

Kirishima went limp underneath him, dropping his hands.  He was breathing hard and shaking.  Maseo sat up and grabbed his hips.  He climbed in between his sprawled legs, pressing his hardness up against his entrance.  His eyes were dark with desire and he was breathing hard.  He closed his eyes for a moment as he thrust his hips.

“Kei, need to have you…now.  Say you’ll let me, please.  Say you want me to.”

Kirishima inhaled his musky scent.  A single tear was coursing down Maseo’s face.  He reached up to wipe the tear away.

“Yes,” he said, touching Maseo’s lips.  Maseo kissed his fingers then pushed up his knees.  Kirishima was already slick with lube but Maseo grabbed the tube anyway.  He applied more to his cock, giving it a couple of strokes then he positioned himself at Kirishima’s entrance.  He pushed into him slowly.

Kirishima winced.  Maseo’s large thickness was stretching him to the point of pain.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, just…just don’t move for a minute.”

“Difficult.”  Maseo’s face was red and he was shaking.  He pushed further into him.  “You feel so…ahhhhh!!!”  Kirishima had clenched around him and Maseo thrust into him suddenly.

“Arrghh!”  Kirishima grabbed Maseo’s shoulders, digging into them with his nails.  “Ah! Ngh! Hah!”  Maseo was thrusting into him, pushing hard.  Tears sprang into Kirishima’s eyes and he leaned back his head, eyes wide with pain. “Ah! Ngggh!”

“Can’t stop…ah, it’s…can’t…,” Maseo was gasping so hard, he was almost choking.  Kirishima tried to struggle but Maseo had him in a death grip.

“Can’t breathe!” Kirishima managed get out but Maseo was driving himself all the way in, thrusting harder and faster.

“Ahhh!  Ahhh!  AHHHHAAAHHH!!!”  Maseo threw back his head, screaming.  Tears ran down his face.  “Ahhhhh!  Hahhh!”

Kirishima felt gushing deep inside him, filling him with liquid heat then Maseo dropped down on top of him, panting into the pillow.

“Can’t…breathe,” Kirishima said, trying to inhale.  Immediately, Maseo released him and Kirishima took a deep breath.  Maseo was shuddering and whimpering.  He thrust his hips, pushing his semi-hard cock into him again.  Kirishima felt a twinge.  His body felt tender and sore.  He slid his arms around him.  Maseo was still shuddering.

“Are you all right?” he said into his ear.

Maseo slowly raised his head, sniffling.  His face was wet with tears.

Kirishima stared at him.  “Are you crying?  What’s the matter?”

Maseo shifted then slowly pulled out.  Kirishima felt the hot flood of his cum gushing out of him.  Maseo dropped down next to him, lying on his back.  “So-sorry.  I had no idea it was going to be like that.”

Kirishima’s eyes widened.  He sat up with some difficulty wincing at the pain then stared down at Maseo.  Tears were still running out of his eyes.  “Was that…your first time?”

Maseo nodded, wiping his eyes.  He wasn’t embarrassed about it at all.

“But clearly you’ve had plenty of experience…leading up to it.”

“Yes, but I’ve never done that, had sex with somebody before.”

Kirishima slowly lay back down.  He stared up at the ceiling, trying to imagine Maseo going for most of his adult life without having sex.  He’d seduced him so easily yet when they’d done it, it had seemed like it was his first time.

“But you can have just about anybody you want,” said Kirishima, looking at him.

“Maybe but I didn’t want just anybody.”  Maseo sat up on his elbow.  “Did I hurt you?  I remember you said something about not being able to breathe.”

Kirishima shifted his legs.  “I’m sore and my ribs hurt a little.  I’ll be all right.”  He took a breath, letting his ribs expand slowly, testing for pain.  “I hope it’s not always like that.”

Maseo ignored the comment.  Instead, he sat up.  “Lie on your stomach, Kei.”

Kirishima rolled over, getting the sheets twisted.  Maseo helped him get them in order then spread his hands over his back, kneading firmly.  Kirishima squeezed his shoulders together then relaxed. Maseo’s smooth, hot hands felt marvelous.  He sighed when Maseo began kneading his shoulders and then worked on his neck.  He felt a tenderness and peace spreading through him.  He sighed when Maseo slid his hands all the way down his back and over his hips, rubbing firmly.  He let out a little gasp when Maseo’s hands lingered on his lower back then he relaxed.  Maseo stroked slowly, releasing the tension from his body.  Kirishima felt himself starting to melt.

Maseo placed kisses along his lower back.  “Mmmm.” Kirishima thrust his hips.  Then he felt Maseo grazing his silky hot fingertips along his spine, starting at his neck and continuing all the way down his back.  Waves of warm arousal washed through him.  “Ngh!”

“You’re all wet,” Maseo murmured, slipping his thumb between his cheeks.

“All your fault…Ahhhh!” Kirishima shuddered as Maseo gently pushed his thumb inside him.  He was slick and sticky.

Maseo spread his cheeks and began slowly licking around his entrance.  His tongue was hot and velvety.

“Hah! Hah!”  Kirishima moved his hips, pressing his hard cock into the bed.  His face was flushed with warmth and the wanting was rising in his body.

Maseo stopped licking him.  Kirishima turned over onto his back, quivering as Maseo pulled his hips towards him.  They paused, looking at each other, both breathing hard.

“I want to do it again.  Let me, Kei,” said Maseo.  He gently lifted Kirishima’s right leg and kissed the inside of his thigh.


Maseo lay down on him and they kissed.  “Hmm!”  Maseo slid his hands underneath his shoulders, holding him.  His sweet, musky scent was intensifying again.  Kirishima stroked Maseo’s cheek with the back of his hand then touched his fingers lightly along his lips and over his nose.  Maseo smiled and kissed his fingers.

They kissed again, their tongues moving together.  Kirishima ran his hands over his shoulders and upper back.  He felt Maseo’s back muscles flex.

Maseo sat up, stroking his hands up and down Kirishima’s thighs. “I like the way you feel, Kei.”  He grabbed Kirishima’s wrists, pulling him up.  “Will you sit on me? I’ve always wondered what that would be like.”

“We can…do it any way you want.” Kirishima was surprised to hear his own husky voice.  Maseo’s luscious scent and silky skin were starting to overwhelm him.  He inhaled deeply.  “You smell really, really good.”

“So do you.”

“That’s different.  You smell almost impossibly…good,” said Kirishima. They kissed tenderly as he climbed onto his lap.  He positioned himself over Maseo’s hard cock then lowered himself down, taking a breath as the thick head pressed at his entrance.

“Ahh!” Kirishima tried to relax as Maseo pressed him down slowly on his shaft, gasping when he was all the way inside him.

He sat, panting, with his forehead against Maseo’s. “Let me…get used to you for a minute,” said Kirishima.  He closed his eyes, arching his back, squeezing him.  Maseo moaned but didn’t move.  Kirishima took a deep breath, raised up a little then lowered himself back down, allowing his body to open up even more.  He arched his back again then rocked his hips back and forth, enjoying Maseo’s thick hardness pressing and stretching him.

Maseo was panting softly.  “Feels good.  Feels really nice.”  Kirishima licked Maseo’s mouth slowly, running his tongue over his bottom lip.  He wanted to start moving but waited a little longer.  He took a deep breath, squeezing himself around Maseo’s thickness then kissed him on the cheek and worked his way down his neck.  He bit down and began riding him, gripping Maseo’s shoulders for support.

“Ah!  Ah!” Maseo cried out.  Kirishima bit and sucked his neck.  He wanted to leave marks on his skin.  He kept riding, sliding himself up and down.  Maseo supported him by holding his hips.  His face was turning red and his musky sweet scent washed over them.

“Kei, it’s a-, mmph!”  Kirishima kissed him.  Maseo’s mouth and tongue were hot and velvety.  He was letting Maseo control the speed of the up and down motion.

“Ahhhh!  Ahh!  Ah!”  Kirishima felt waves of desire building up inside him.  The bed thumped and squeaked from their movements.  He leaned back and rocked forward slightly.

Maseo was crying out, his face and upper chest flushed red.  He grabbed Kirishima’s cock and stroked, timing his movements with their up and down motion.

The wanting and the heat were almost at its pinnacle.  Kirishima braced his feet against the bed and rode harder. The sensations of pleasure intensified. Maseo’s cock stroked in and out of him, reaching deep inside, teasing and stroking his sensitive spot.

“Ahhh!  Haaah!” Kirishima cried out, “I can’t…Ahhh!”  He was on the verge of orgasm and was slamming himself down on Maseo’s cock, their bodies making a wet smacking sound.  Maseo squeezed Kirishima’s dripping cock while he stroked it, focusing on the underside of the head.  Kirishima rocked back and forth, pushing and thrusting.  The pleasure was peaking.  He was about to go over the edge and let himself stay there for a few moments longer, relishing the heat and exquisite tension.

Maseo kissed him and Kirishima moaned.  He pumped his hot pleasure all over Maseo’s stroking hand, bearing down harder on his cock, riding it deeper inside him.  “Mmmmph!  Mmmph!  Ahhh!  Ahhhhh!” He cried out, digging his fingers into Maseo’s shoulders as the orgasm took him.  He jerked and pumped his hips, sliding up and down Maseo’s slick shaft, until the pleasure finally subsided.

Maseo let go of his cock.  Kirishima opened his eyes a little and watched him lick his cum off his fingers.  “On your back, Kei.”

He let Maseo tilt him backwards and then they rolled back together until Kirishima was under him.

“Mmm, you feel even better,” said Maseo.  He thrust his hips, making Kirishima gasp.  “Yes, that’s good, Kei.  Take more of me.” Maseo pushed his legs wider apart and drove hard inside him.  He thrust and drove deeper to the hilt, plunging in and out of him.

“I want…you…keep doing it with you!  Hah!  Ahhah!”  Maseo’s eyes were squeezed shut and it felt like his cock was getting even hotter.  Sweat was dripping off him and his hair was damp.  The bed thumped hard against the wall with each thrust.

“I’m going to….yes, I’m…AHAHHHHAAA!!!”  Maseo let out of a long yell, thrusting his hips in short jerks, his entire body tightening and releasing, over and over.  “Ahhh!  Ahhhh!”  Cum gushed deep inside, filling him up.  Kirishima’s hips were pinned to the bed with each thrust until Maseo finished pumping into him.  When it was done, he collapsed, gasping for breath.

Kirishima nuzzled his ear.  They were wet with sweat and he was slick with cum between his thighs, running down between his cheeks, and on his stomach.   Maseo was still hard inside him, twitching.

“I don’t understand why I waited so long before doing this with you.” Maseo’s voice was muffled in the pillow.

“Hmmm.”  Kirishima kissed his ear.  He was exhausted.

“We have to be careful, Kei.  It’s dangerous, sleeping together like this.”  Maseo raised his head, looking down at him, his sweat dripping softly onto his face.  It smelled like warm, clean rain.

“Too late for that,” Kirishima murmured.  He could barely keep his eyes open.

“We’re starting to bond and you’ll be mine if we keep this up.”

Kirishima shifted underneath him.  “Sounds nice.”  He planted a soft kiss on Maseo’s shoulder.

“Kei, you don’t understand…”

“Going to fall asleep,” Kirishima murmured as he felt himself drifting off.  He closed his eyes as he heard Maseo sigh then they kissed softly.  He fell asleep.

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