Chapter 14

(Monday, April 6th after 22:55)

ZHCh14When Kirishima woke up he was no longer in Maseo’s arms.  He leaned forward to squint at his bedside clock.  It was 22:55.  They’d only been in bed for two and a half hours?  He sighed, putting on his glasses, and then reached out behind him to touch the place where Maseo had been.  “You bastard,” Kirishima said out loud.

“I’m still here,” said Maseo.  Kirishima rolled over with difficulty.  He was still a little sore but his body felt very relaxed.  Maseo was sitting at the head of the bed, dressed and showered.  His hair was still slightly damp and he was wearing his glasses.  He had his knees up and his arms were wrapped around them.  Kirishima sat up with difficulty, propping the pillows up behind him then pulled the covers closer.  Maseo reached over to his side of the nightstand.  He handed him a glass of water.

Kirishima drank the water down.  “Much appreciated,” he said.  He realized he smelled of the liquid soap in his shower. “You cleaned me up?”

“Yes.  I wiped you down with a warm towel while you were sleeping.  Not as effective as showering but I thought you might feel more comfortable.”

“Thanks.  That was very nice of you.  I’m surprised I didn’t wake up.”

“You were dead to the world, Kei.”


“You left marks on my neck,” said Maseo.

“Yes, lovers do that sometimes.”

“I like them.  It was fun finding them when I looked in the mirror after showering.”  He paused.  “Is it okay if I turn on the light?”

“Yes.”  Light flooded the room, making him blink for a few moments.  When his eyes adjusted, he saw that Maseo was staring at him.

“I like your body, Kei.  It’s very nice.  Beautifully sculpted.  I enjoyed exploring it.”

“Thanks.  You have…good hands.” He didn’t bother to return the compliment.  Maseo’s body was as spectacular as Asami’s.  He wasn’t surprised since he knew he would fit easily into his boss’ clothes.

Maseo pulled his shirt collar away from his neck. Purplish red marks stood against his skin. “Had I known about these I would have left some on your neck too.”

“There’s always next time,” said Kirishima.  Maseo kept staring.  Kirishima felt a blush blooming on his cheeks.

“I thought about it,” said Maseo.

“What did you think about?”

“Leaving.  I thought if I left while you were asleep it might easier but it wasn’t.”

Kirishima frowned and put the water glass on the nightstand.  Maseo wasn’t like Asami at all.  He reminded him of a kid, sitting like that.  Asami never did anything that would remind somebody of a kid.

“You should have left anyway,” said Kirishima, even though this thought stung.  “In fact, you shouldn’t have come at all.”

“I wanted to see you,” said Maseo.  His dark eyes seemed more open, almost wondering.

“See me?  You did more than see me,” said Kirishima.  The conversation was making him angry though he didn’t know why.  “You show up, attack me, seduce me, and take me to bed.”

“Yes.  I wanted you.”

This frank admission made Kirishima pause for a moment.  He chose to ignore it.  “And then you have the nerve to tell me you were thinking of leaving while I was asleep.”

“At least I told you my name.”

Kirishima stared at him, incredulous.  “At LEAST?!”

“Well, it was the first time I’ve ever had sex.  Doesn’t that count for something?  I specifically wanted you and only you.”

Kirishima felt the blush in his cheeks heating up.  Maseo was merely looking back at him.

“It does…count for something,” said Kirishima.  He was taken aback by the whole situation.  “I’m flattered.  In a way.”

“In a way?” Maseo said.

“I don’t even know you.  You make it sound like you’ve wanted me for a long time and we’ve only just met.”

“I have wanted you for a long time.  I wish I’d done something sooner.”  Maseo was still sitting with his arms around his knees.  He was watching Kirishima with curiosity as if he were noting his reactions.

“How long?”

Maseo shrugged.  “A while.  It’s not really important now.”  He smiled.  “It was wonderful, by the way, especially the second time.  Much more than I expected.”

“You must have not been expecting much.”

“I wasn’t.”

Kirishima blushed.  He looked away.  We’re not even close to being compatible, he told himself.   He felt like he was on the losing end of a battle with no defenses. Though Maseo had showered, he could still smell his wonderful musky scent.  And to top it off, he was hard again though he didn’t know how that was possible considering the number of times he’d climaxed.  It made him even angrier.  He shifted where he sat, feeling a deep surge of desire.  He took a breath, told himself to stop, to slow down.  It had been a very long time since he felt this emotional.

“Did I just insult you, Kei?”

“What do you think?”

Maseo leaned forward where he sat, putting his head on his knees. “I’m not very good at these things so I don’t know.”

Kirishima folded his arms.  “You’re like a kid.  Naive or clueless.”  He was aching. He tried to ignore the feeling.

Maseo tilted his head.  “Huh.  Well, I’m sorry if my cluelessness, as you put it, made you angry.”

“I’m not angry.”

“Yes, you are.”

Kirishima couldn’t reconcile the fact that he was aroused with his feelings of frustration.  “You’re cluelessness isn’t the problem. That’s not why I’m angry.”


“No, I’m angry because…because,” Kirishima said and then stopped.  He closed his eyes.  He wanted Maseo again, needed his soft skin and delicious heat.  His breath caught.  He opened his eyes, fixing Maseo with his gaze.  “Come back to bed.”  Kirishima pulled back the covers, exposing the hard contours of his thigh.

Maseo’s eyes seemed to darken.  He hugged his knees tighter.  “I can’t.  I told you it was dangerous sleeping together.  Besides, I have to leave and you need to get some sleep.”

Kirishima leaned towards him.  “You can’t leave, not after…after everything we just did.”

Maseo stretched out his legs and looked down for a moment.  The warmth in Kirishima’s face intensified.  The aching desire was getting worse.  He needed Maseo to thrust deep inside him, rocking and driving his hips into the bed again, making him cry out while he climaxed.  He reached out towards him.

Maseo pulled away.  “Please don’t touch me.”

Kirishima felt another surge of anger.  “What do you mean—-?”

Maseo put his hand up.  “It’s a long, complicated story.  I don’t have time to explain.  I came to see you because I wanted to.  I don’t know when I’ll be able to see you again, if ever.  Certainly not like this.  I wasn’t planning to seduce you but I….” He closed his eyes and took a gasping breath.  “I shouldn’t have done it.”  He looked at Kirishima again.  “I can feel you, Kei.  I can feel your feelings for me.  And if I don’t leave now—“

“What do you mean you don’t know when you’ll be able to see me again?” He grabbed Maseo’s wrist and shuddered as a surge of otherworldly heat shot through him.  Maseo immediately rolled over, grabbing him.

“I told you not to touch me, Kei.”  His voice was breathless and his eyes were almost black. “There’s no more time.”  Kirishima put his arms around him.  He could already feel Maseo’s hardness through the covers.  “This isn’t good.  We’re bonding.  If it continues, you’ll be–,” Maseo said then he closed his eyes and thrust his hips into him.  “Say it.  Say you want me to again.”

“Yes, I want—,” said Kirishima but Maseo was already kissing him.  He opened his mouth up to Maseo’s probing hot tongue, the desire and heat flooding him.  He was unbuttoning Maseo’s shirt, still kissing him, then he was undoing his jeans and pushing them down his hips when he felt Maseo freeze on top of him.  Maseo lifted his head and looked up, as if listening and then he was sitting up, pulling away from him.

“What are you doing?” asked Kirishima.  He couldn’t believe what was happening.

Maseo was already standing up.  “I have to go, Kei.  I’m sorry.  There’s no time to explain. I have to leave.”  He paused, zipping up his jeans.  “I know this is really unfair but there’s nothing I can do about it.”  He turned and walked out of the room without another word.  Kirishima jumped out of bed, wincing from his soreness, grabbed his robe, and ran out into the living room then the entry hallway.  Maseo was gone.  He hadn’t even heard the door open and close.  Kirishima pulled open the front door but no one was there.

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