Chapter 21

TW: Gun violence, injury, death, references to torture.

(Tuesday, April 6th after 04:45)

Zero Hour-Viewfinder Fanfiction StoryKirishima led Asami out of the private elevator into the parking garage.  Though he was tired, he stayed alert as he always did.  He was used to functioning well on very little sleep.

There were plenty of cars in the garage since many of the workers usually arrived early.  Asami had insisted that Kirishima be the only one to accompany him.  He’d told Suoh and the rest of the men to go home.

Kirishima looked around.  There were no people.  Asami stood smoking while Kirishima did a quick circuit around the car then checked the underside.  He opened the car door, glanced into the interior, and let Asami into the limo.  He went around to driver’s side and opened it but paused when he heard the sound of a car door opening and then being slammed shut.

He reached into his jacket and laid his hand on his gun but didn’t draw it.  Detective Shirai was leaning against the side of a car parked a couple of parking stalls away.  “Didn’t want to interrupt your routine, Kirishima-san.”

“You should have declared yourself openly.  I might have shot you,” said Kirishima.  He still had his hand on the gun.  Shirai had never waited for them before without calling first.

“I found out more information about the girl.  I knew you would come out here with Asami-sama and waited,” said the detective.  Kirishima narrowed his eyes.  He closed the driver side door and locked it.

“Being extra cautious, I see.  Nothing wrong with that,” said Shirai.  He smiled then approached, holding up his hands.  “I’m not armed,” he said and kept walking towards him.  “Everything is fine.”

Kirishima felt the hairs on the back of this neck prickling.  His awareness seemed to be stretching out beyond his peripheral vision.  He glanced at the passenger window of the limo next to him then drew his gun, turned around, and fired two bullets into the man with a shotgun who had come from behind the concrete pillar on the other side of the driveway then turned towards the detective again.  Another shot rang out.  Kirishima jerked back from the bullet grazing his right shoulder.  He dropped to his knees, shooting the detective in the leg.  Shirai crumpled with a yelp.

The limo door started to open.  “No!” Kirishima yelled and he pushed the door closed with his right elbow, wincing at the pain in his shoulder.  He remained on his knees, breathing hard.  He and Shirai were pointing their guns at each other.  Kirishima had switched the gun to his left hand.

“I knew you were going to be a problem, Kei-san,” said the detective, his voice tight. “We should have eliminated you first.”

“Someone else would be here instead of me.”  Though he was startled by this development it didn’t keep him from thinking clearly.

“Yes, but that someone, even Suoh, isn’t as good as you are,” said Shirai.

Kirishima didn’t reply.  Instead, he was paying attention to his peripheral vision, looking for anyone else in the garage.  He spotted someone on the other side, moving very fast, coming towards Shirai.  Maseo.  He knew it in his bones.  He heard the limo door slam on his other side, heard Asami step out, and another shot thundered through the garage.  He and Shirai looked across the driveway at Nakamura who had come out from behind another concrete pillar.  He’d been aiming his gun at Maseo and was now lying sprawled out on the driveway.  Asami had shot him in the head.

Kirishima heard Asami take two steps then he saw Maseo grab Shirai.  He yelped again as Maseo broke his wrist and took his gun away.  In a moment, Maseo had his arm around the detective’s neck and was pulling his head back too far.  Shirai grappled at Maseo’s arms.

“Stop!  Don’t kill him!” said Kirishima.  Maseo raised his eyes to him.  They were black with rage.

“Don’t kill him, Maseo,” said Asami as he approached them.

Maseo looked down at the detective, considering, then broke his other wrist.  Shirai yelled then curled up, cradling his hands.

Kirishima sat up, leaning against the limo door as Maseo walked towards him.  The painful longing he’d managed to keep at bay because of the dangerous situation surged through him.

“Are you all right?” asked Maseo, kneeling down next to him.  He closed his eyes when Maseo’s luscious scent wafted over him.

“Yes, the bullet grazed my shoulder.  I’ll be fine,” he said, opening his eyes.  He noticed Maseo was clenching his jaw.  “Why are you here? You said you were leaving.”

“No one can hurt you, Kei.  I won’t allow it.”  Kirishima saw Asami glance sharply back at them.

“That’s a nice thought but this job is inherently dangerous.  Risks come with the territory.”  Maseo looked away.

Some men were coming out of the private elevator.  He knew it was Suoh and the others.  Taniguchi rushed towards them.  “Are you all right, Kirishima-san?  You’re bleeding!”

“Stay away from him,” said Maseo.  His voice was ice cold and, again, Kirishima could hear echoes of Asami in that voice.  Taniguchi put his hands up and backed away.

Kirishima shifted a little, wincing at the pain.  He was glad it was only a superficial wound.

Maseo slipped his arm around him and began to pull off his jacket.  He worked slowly and carefully.  Kirishima bit back the moan that almost escaped when he felt Maseo’s otherworldly heat surge through him.  He took a breath.  “What are you doing?” Kirishima asked.  He was starting to tremble.

“Checking your wound, of course.”  Maseo was slowly ripping his shirt sleeve open at the shoulder.  Kirishima’s glasses were starting to fog up again and his face burned.

“You’ll be fine, Kei.”  Kirishima looked up at his boss who had walked up to them.  Asami was watching them both, smiling slightly, then turned and walked back to where his men were holding Shirai.

More ripping as his left shirtsleeve was torn into two strips.   When Maseo tied the strips together and wrapped them around his bleeding upper arm, the heat from his fingers seemed to burn his skin.  Kirishima let his glasses drop down slightly and took in Maseo’s dark eyes and long lashes then he looked down at his mouth.  He reached up to touch his face and then dropped his hand.  He decided to distract himself by looking at Asami and Suoh who were both standing over the detective.

“Torture him,” said Asami to Suoh, “Be thorough about it.”

“WAIT!  Asami-sama, I’ll tell you everything,” the detective yelled, “You don’t have to torture me!”

“As I said, be very thorough.  I don’t care what he says or offers.”  He looked at Kirishima and Maseo.  “I’d give you a ride myself, Kei, but I know you two need to talk.”  He nodded at one of the other men and they left.

Two of the men hauled up the detective and dragged him screaming to one of the cars.  Suoh paused. “Taniguchi, take Kirishima-san to the doctor and then home.”  He addressed Kirishima directly. “Need anything else?”

“I’m fine, thanks,” he said.  Suoh looked down at Maseo who was glaring up at him, challenging him it seemed.

“Just remember, he’s my best friend.  We’ve been through a lot together,” said Suoh.  Before Maseo could reply, he walked away, following the other men.  Taniguchi opened the car door.  Maseo helped him into the back seat of the car, climbed inside, then pulled him into his arms.  Kirishima took a sharp breath.  He was already aroused.  He tried to steel himself against the feeling.

“Yes, I want to take you in this car but I won’t since you’re injured,” Maseo said against his ear.  “You want me to, don’t you, Kei?  I can feel your body aching for me.”

“You said…you were leaving.  You said you couldn’t stay here anymore,” Kirishima said.  He couldn’t catch his breath and his glasses were fogged up.  Maseo held him tighter.  His shoulder was hurting but that didn’t matter.

“Can’t stay away.” Maseo’s voice was coming in soft gasps.  “And I’m falling, I think.”  Maseo tenderly brushed his lips against Kirishima’s mouth, teasing him, and then they were barely touching lips, mouths slightly open, touching tongues.  “Ahh!  Mmmm!”  Kirishima slide his good arm around Maseo’s neck and they kissed softly pressing and releasing, their tongues gently exploring together.  Maseo pulled back and took off Kirishima’s glasses.  They kissed again.

“Mmmm.”  Kirishima sighed.  He knew if he hadn’t been injured he would lie down in the back of the limo and let Maseo make love to him.  As it was, Kirishima let himself surrender to Maseo’s deep kisses.  He clung to him, his shoulder hurting.  Time passed.

“Doctor,” Maseo said, kissing his cheek.


“We’re here, Kei.”

He hadn’t realized that the limo had stopped.  Maseo handed him his glasses which he wiped off quickly.  He looked at Taniguchi who was still sitting in the front seat, waiting in silence.

“Thanks, Jiro.  I appreciate your…patience,” he said.  He was blushing from embarrassment but knew Taniguchi would remain professional.

“No need to thank me, Kirishima-san.”

Maseo had already opened the door.  He looked at Taniguchi.  “We don’t need your help.”

Taniguchi looked at Maseo in the rear view mirror.  “Of course you don’t.  I’ll be waiting here.”

Maseo helped him out of the car and they went inside the doctor’s office together.


Kirishima sighed.  They were in the elevator going up to his condo, just back from the doctor’s office.  As soon as the elevator doors had closed, Maseo had taken Kirishima in his arms again, kissing him on the cheek.  Kirishima had closed his eyes and pressed himself against his warm body, murmuring his consent.  They were kissing, pressing their lips together, tongues searching deeply.  Maseo shivered and then pushed him up against the elevator wall.  The desire, Maseo’s heat, and Maseo’s exquisite scent were blotting out everything else.  His common sense, the fact that Maseo had said goodbye to him not once but twice, the crisis situation with the detective, Asami’s grief, his shoulder wound, all of it fell by the wayside.  He needed to fall into Maseo’s heat and lose himself.  He pressed up against Maseo again.

“We’re going back to bed,” said Maseo, breathing hard, “I’m not going to hold back.”

“You don’t have to hold back,” Kirishima said.

The elevator doors opened and they almost ran to the door.  Kirishima opened the door and turned off the alarm.  They both pulled off their shoes, leaving them strewn in the entrance hall then they were kissing deeply again.  Maseo pushed Kirishima up against the hallway wall, making him yelp with pain.

“Careful with the shoulder,” said Kirishima.  Maseo whispered an apology.  Though the wound in his shoulder wasn’t very serious, it was still sore.  Maseo kissed him again and he forgot about the pain.  He was hungering for Maseo.  The aching desire was making him thrust his own hardness against Maseo’s thigh.  He felt like he was starving and that it wasn’t enough and would never be enough.

“I’m going to take you again, Kei, then you’ll really be mine,” said Maseo, “You’ll surrender and our bond will be unbreakable.”

“I’m…already…belong to…you,” Kirishima gasped.  He was giving in, letting himself fall in love.  Maseo pushed him gently down the entrance hallway, his arms around him, still kissing him.  When they reached the living room, Maseo looked up, breaking the kiss, and stopped.  Kirishima frowned at him then turned around.

Standing right in the middle of the living room was Jin.

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