Chapter 25

TW: References to dubious consent and non-consent, injury.


ZH Ch25Kirishima expertly drove the limo through the crowded West Shinjuku streets.  He could hear Asami on the phone behind him.  It was a sunny day though a bit windy.  Sitting across from Asami was a beautiful young man, 21 years old.  He had short dark hair, large dark eyes, and finely chiseled features.  The young man was looking out the window.

Kirishima knew all about him, of course, having conducted a thorough background check, as he did on all of the young men Asami picked up whether he was asked to or not.  This young man was a student at the university with excellent grades and a promising future.

He and Asami had spent just one night together.

“Can you let me off here, please?” the young man asked.  Asami nodded at Kirishima and he eased the car over.

“I, well, goodbye,” said the young man to Asami.  Asami put down his phone for a moment, cupping the receiver with his hand.

“Good luck,” he said then he went back to his phone call without looking at him again.  The young man sighed and got out of the car.  Kirishima saw him standing at the car, looking at it as they drove away.  They always did that.  Even the most angry young man, sputtering about all the terrible things Asami had done to him, was always subdued by the time they got into the car.  His boss broke even the most arrogant, resistant young men, and it never took more than one night.  Once the young man was broken, Asami would lose interest.  On very rare occasions, he would spend more than one night with someone but it had happened less than a handful of times and never more than two nights.

Asami hung up and put the phone away.  He lit a Dunhill.  “Kei, what do you think of him.”

Kirishima glanced in the rearview mirror at his boss before answering.  “Good student, promising future, smart.”

“Yes, he is all that,” said Asami.  He sounded like some combination of bored and restless.

“Will you see him again?” asked Kirishima though he knew what the answer was going to be.

“No, of course not.  He wouldn’t be able to handle…anything, even with my best efforts,” said Asami before he took a drag on his cigarette.  “None of them can, not even the most fiery ones.  He would fold and buckle when things got difficult.  It’s not even worth the effort.”

Kirishima glanced at his boss again.  Asami was looking out the car window, tracing his finger along the bottom of the glass.  He knew he shouldn’t ask the next question but he couldn’t resist.

“Is that what you’re looking for?  Someone who can handle things?”

His boss didn’t answer at first.  “Maybe.  I didn’t think so but maybe I am searching for someone.  Being rough with them helps.  They’re only worth a night or two of my time if they can’t handle a little fear, pain, and pleasure.”  Kirishima said nothing.  It was rare for Asami to be this open about what he was thinking, much less feeling, though Kirishima knew he was probably the only person Asami opened up to in any way.

“I would never have the same feelings for this person as…before but I do wonder if there’s someone out there.”

Kirishima didn’t bother looking in the rearview mirror.  In the last year since the situation with Jin, Asami had gone from being a passionate man, though still in complete control of himself and the organization at all times, to a cold, hard person with a stony exterior.  Even Kirishima was surprised at how expressionless Asami had become.  No one knew what he was thinking and he never showed his feelings to anyone.  The organization had thrived and Asami’s reputation and abilities had become legendary.  He had gained an unprecedented reputation for utter ruthlessness after they destroyed Andou’s organization, not once but twice.  He had furthered this reputation by removing and eliminating all obstacles if he couldn’t negotiate with them, and he did so quickly and efficiently.

Asami had gone through many young men over the last year.  He’d started by picking them up, seducing them, then letting them go but in the last few months he seemed to be moving more and more towards kidnapping, forcibly seducing, and breaking them.  He knew Asami enjoyed these games and most of the time it was merely a diversion for him, a pleasurable break in the long work hours.  None of the young men gave them trouble afterwards.  If they did, it would be an easy enough situation to take care of.

Kirishima was only a little worried about him.  He could see his boss was completely devoted to the organization and to his men.  As long as kept his personal feelings at bay everything would be fine.  Kirishima didn’t want to think of what would happen if Asami did find someone who could “handle things.”  Still, he had to be prepared in case that ever happened.  He knew what Asami had meant by being able to “handle things.”  The young man would not only have to be able to deal with the dangers of everyday life in the Japanese underworld as Asami’s lover, and the attendant risk involved, but he would also have to be able to handle being with Asami himself.  Kirishima was well aware that Asami was not only extraordinarily attractive but also almost unbearably domineering.  It would take someone with enormous strength to gain his trust and affection and to be able to live an ordinary day-to-day life with him.  Or at least as ordinary as could be expected.

Kirishima pulled the car to a stop in front of Asami’s offices.  He went around the car and opened the door for him.  A valet approached quickly but unobtrusively.  Kirishima handed the valet the car keys and followed Asami in to the building.  They got into the private elevator, all steel and mirrors.

“What are you thinking about, Kei?  Are you worried about me again?”  The elevator moved upwards, barely making any noise.

“No, of course not.  You haven’t given me any reason to worry,” he said.

“Even when I talk about finding someone?”

“I’m not worried about that either.  When the time comes, we’ll take all the necessary steps.”

Asami pressed the elevator stop button.  The car shuddered gently to a stop.  He turned towards Kirishima.

“You understand when that time comes that person’s safety will become far more important than my own.”

“Yes, Asami-sama, of course.  That’s what I meant by all necessary steps,” he said.  He took a deep breath and looked directly into his boss’ piercing eyes.  “I promise you on my life and the lives of our men that nothing will be more important.”  Kirishima took another deep breath.  This was the first time they’d discussed the issue since Asami’s return after Jin’s suicide.

Asami was holding his gaze.  “And what about you, Kei?”

“What do you mean, Asami-sama?”

“How are you doing?”  Asami was watching him closely.  Kirishima shifted uncomfortably.  At that moment, Asami reminded him of Maseo.  He’d gotten very good at ignoring the similarities between the two and pushing away the feelings that came with recognition but sometimes he was taken by surprise.

“Security here, is there a problem?” The security guard’s voice was coming through the intercom.

“No, everything is fine.  Thank you for calling,” said Kirishima pressing the intercom button.  He released it.  “I don’t know what you mean, Asami-sama.”

“I’m well aware you’re a human being, Kei, and a passionate one at that.”

Kirishima took a sharp, involuntary breath and he felt a blush creeping into his face.  It had taken a long time but he was able to go for longer and longer periods of time without thinking about Maseo.  He made no reply and was relieved when Asami turned back to the elevator doors.

Asami pressed the stop button again and the elevator continued upwards. The doors opened and the two men walked out.  Kirishima watched Asami’s back, as he always did, and followed him into the office.


Kirishima sat in the limo after dropping off Asami at home later that night.  He was parked in the empty parking lot at the building in the warehouse district of the Minato Ward where they’d found Rina, Jin’s mad sister.  He exited the car and walked to the building.  No one was around and it was a chilly night.  He opened the front door with some difficulty and walked into the darkness, letting his eyes adjust.  He didn’t know why he was there but he’d been feeling the need to go there for some weeks.  He glanced around reception area then slowly pushed the door open to the hallway.  He paused and listened.  There was no sound.  The silence seemed to embrace him somehow.  He felt no threats or dangers.

He walked slowly down the hallway to the room where they’d found Rina.  Everything was still the same.  There was even a full moon. The hallway was bathed in its blue light.  All of the room doors were closed except for the one Rina had been living in.  When he got to the room, he stopped and listened.  He could swear he heard something or someone move from within.  He moved slowly into the room, looking around.  The room was the same, perhaps a little messier.  No one was there.

He reached into his jacket and pulled out a thin case.  He carefully removed Maseo’s glasses, checked to make sure they were clean then laid them on the desk.

“I was going to keep them but I thought it would be better to give them back to you,” he said out loud.  He waited, listening again.  He didn’t know why he was doing it.  Maseo was dead and nothing was going to bring him back but he still wanted to make this offering.  “I try not to but sometimes I do think about you.” Kirishima went to the boarded up window and looked through a narrow space in the wood to the bay beyond.  The window was broken and a cold sea breeze was blowing into the room.  He inhaled the salty smell.  A cloud was moving across the face of the moon.  “It’s not so painful anymore,” he said, “I hope you don’t mind.”

He heard a faint sound behind him.  It seemed to come from the corner of the room.  Kirishima stood still, not turning around.  He wasn’t afraid at all.  He closed his eyes as a sweetness and a warmth seemed to flow through him.  The feeling seemed to dissipate then disappear.  Kirishima looked down at the glasses.  “Thanks,” he said.  Then he walked out of the building, got into the car, and drove off.


Maseo wiped away his tears.  He was standing where Kirishima had been as he relished his fading presence.  It had taken almost all of his energy to contain his feelings so Kirishima wouldn’t feel the overwhelming physical connection they shared while he was in the building.  He was going to leave the building altogether but couldn’t.  He had to see him one last time.  He’d gone into hiding in the corner of the room so he wouldn’t be seen, and he’d actually hurt himself while he forced the desire to take him deeper inside so Kirishima wouldn’t feel that either.  The effort had caused a wound to open up in his side and blood was pouring out of it.  He sighed, wiping his hands on his clothes.  It would heal soon enough.  He picked up his glasses, looked through them then he put them on.  It was time to leave this place and go elsewhere.  Maseo vanished from the room.

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