Chapter 7

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Zero Hr Ch 7“No, if you keep struggling like that, I’ll break your neck,” said the man behind him.

Kirishima went still.  The man had his arms around his neck and waist.  He’d pulled his head back at too far an angle and was holding him in an iron grip.  He was incredibly strong.

“Don’t reach for your gun.  I know where it is.” The man’s voice was close to his ear.  He could feel his breath on his cheek.  Kirishima slowly raised his hands.  The man’s body was very warm and a sweet, fresh smell was coming off his clothes.

Kirishima hadn’t heard the man come up behind him.  He was standing in his condo parking garage still holding the limo keys.  He’d just dropped Asami off at home.  He glanced around.  The garage was empty.  Though it was early, there should have been a few people on their way to work.

“Now, I’m going to let you go so you can turn around.  If you try something I might have to hurt you and, well, I don’t want to do that.  For a variety of reasons.”

Kirishima slowly turned around.  He was surprised to see the man wasn’t as large as he thought.  He was wearing an untucked dark gray casual button down shirt and jeans.  Kirishima wondered why he wasn’t wearing a jacket since it was a cold morning.  He looked about Asami’s age and had a similar size and build.  In fact, Kirishima thought, the man would fit quite well into Asami’s clothes.  He glanced at the man’s shirt again.  Custom made, Egyptian cotton, he thought.  The shirt was perfectly cut to skim the outline of his body.

“Given the situation, I think we can dispense with the formalities.  I know you’re Kirishima Kei.  You don’t need to know my name,” he said, smiling.  His teeth were very white and he wore rounded rectangular glasses.

Kirishima stared at him.  “How do you know who I am?”

“That’s not important.  What is important is what I have to tell you.”

Kirishima reached for his gun but in one quick movement the man grabbed his wrist and yanked him up against his body.

“Yes, I will break your wrist which won’t be good because you’re going to need it later,” he said.  He was speaking softly.  He sounded somewhat like Asami.

Kirishima gasped as the small bones in his wrist were squeezed tighter and bent back.  The man’s hand was very soft and radiating heat.  Kirishima could see the man’s very dark eyes were fringed with long lashes.

“Now you need to listen to me,” said the man, not letting go of him though he eased his grip on his wrist so it didn’t hurt.  He gently pushed Kirishima until he had him against the limo door.

Kirishima’s heart skipped a beat.  The man had the same piercing stare as Asami but…he never felt the same way while looking into his boss’s eyes.  He felt like he might fall into those dark eyes and never find his way back out.  The man’s smile widened and he slipped his other arm around his waist.  Kirishima drew a sharp breath as the man’s body heat seemed to envelope him.  His scent smelled like the most wonderful fabric softener ever made.

“Nice and cozy aren’t we?” The man tilted his head toward him until their mouths were very close.  They were almost kissing.  Kirishima had the thought that he should turn his head away but didn’t.  He glanced down at the man’s full lips and then back to his dark eyes.  The warmth and feel of his body was disorienting and an unexpected heat was rising in Kirishima’s face.  The bottom edges of his glasses started fogging up.

“Let go of me.”  Kirishima tried to move but couldn’t.  It was getting difficult to breathe.  “Don’t…”  Kirishima tried to push him away with his other hand.  Every time he moved the man’s incredible warmth and scent seemed to intensify.

“Don’t what?” asked the man then he pressed the full length his body up against him.  Kirishima closed his eyes as a surge of desire fired through him.  He gripped the man’s upper arm and felt his biceps flex through the soft cotton. The man let go of his wrist and laid his hand on Kirishima’s face.  Even his fingertips were silky smooth.

“Hah!” Kirishima cried out softly as the man traced his fingers over his cheek, leaving a trail of warmth and an exquisite tingling sensation.  He tried to turn his head away but the man slid his hand around the back of Kirishima’s neck and pulled him closer.  Their mouths were pressed lightly against each other.  “Stop…Ah.  Hah!  Hah!”  Kirishima was gasping against the man’s soft, silky mouth.

“I want more,” the man said, “Give me what I want.”

“Nnh!”  Kirishima pushed his aching body against him.  He realized he wasn’t thinking at all but he didn’t care.  His gasping was turning to panting.  The desire to rock up against him while the aching built up inside was overwhelming.

“You want me, don’t you?” the man murmured against his mouth, holding him tight.

“I…I…Ah!”  He wanted the man’s heat, and silky skin, he wanted to feel the man’s weight on him, pushing into him, claiming his mouth with deep kisses.

The man pulled away from him, letting go of the back of his neck.  “Open your eyes, Kei.”

He opened his eyes.  His glasses were completely fogged up.  He didn’t want the man to stop.  Kirishima leaned towards him, offering his mouth.

“No, you need to hear what I have to say.” The man turned his head away and wrapped his arm around him.

Kirishima felt a stab of disappointment at his rejection.  “Why should I? I don’t know who you are or who you work for,” he said.  He was glad he managed to keep his voice steady and that he could still think enough to say that.

“You’re going to have to trust me,” the man said and he leaned into him, both arms holding him securely.  Kirishima brushed his lips against the man’s cheek and thrust his hips into him.  The man inhaled sharply against his ear.  Kirishima closed his eyes, taking a gasping breath.  He could feel the man’s hardness so he shifted against him again.  The man let out a cry.  The heat burned through Kirishima as he thrust his hips again.  He was going to make him cry out again and again.  He was going to make the man climax while he rode his hardness.

“If you don’t stop moving I’m going to take you right now, up against this car,” the man said.  His voice was breathless.  “I do have something important to tell you.” Kirishima almost reached up to put his arms around the man but froze when he started talking.  He stayed still, listening intently.

When the man finished speaking, he stepped back and gently removed Kirishima’s glasses.  He produced a handkerchief from his pocket, cleaned them and then handed them back.  Kirishima put on his glasses.  The man was still smiling, his face flushed.  He’d removed his own glasses and was wiping them off.

“Who are you?” Kirishima said, barely able to get the words out.  He almost stepped towards him but managed to stop himself.

The man shook his head, putting on his glasses.  “It was nice meeting you, Kei-san.” And he turned and walked away.

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