Deleted Scene: NC-17 Original Version of Chapter 13

AN: This is the Deleted Scene to Chapter 13, the sex scene between Maseo and Kirishima. The first section of this chapter is almost identical to the final version we posted EXCEPT it’s told from Maseo’s Point of View.  We changed it to Kirishima’s Point of View later.


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Zero Hour Deleted Scene PosterMaseo’s hands trembled as he ran them down Kirishima’s well-muscled back, placing kisses along his spine.  He had to force himself to move slowly; it was the only way he was able to keep himself under control.  He could barely breathe and his entire body felt like it was on fire.


He slid his hands over Kirishima’s lower back and around his small waist, enjoying his smooth skin.  The desire to take him was overwhelming and he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold back if he continued.  He laid his head in the small of Kirishima’s back, listening to Kirishima’s breathing.  He placed another kiss on Kirishima’s back then moved over and lay down next to him.  He closed his eyes so he could try to calm his body down.

“W-Why are you stopping?”  Kirishima’s voice was shaking.

“I can’t, Kei.  It’s, well, it’s difficult to explain but I can’t continue.”  Maseo opened his eyes and rolled to his side, facing him.

Kirishima’s eyes widened.  “What do you mean you can’t?  You want to,” he said, sitting up.  He stared at him, face flushed.  “You started this!!!”

“I know and I shouldn’t have.  I’m sorry.  It’s gone too far already.  We’re.…”  He looked away from him.  “We’ve started bonding, you see, and that’s not a –”  Kirishima leaned over, grabbed his chin, and silenced him with a kiss.  Maseo moaned against his mouth and then Kirishima climbed on top, straddling him.  They kissed deeply.  Maseo ran his hands over Kirishima’s back, their tongues moving together, circling and reaching deeper.   The kiss ended and Maseo kept his eyes closed, breathing hard, his mouth aching for more.  He felt Kirishima lean over him.  The bed shifted and he heard the sound of a drawer opening and closing.  A moment later, he felt something cold and slick on his cock.  Lube.  He opened his eyes and arched his back as Kirishima started stroking him, sliding his hand up and down his thick, hard shaft.  He was applying pressure with his fingers in all the right places, firmly squeezing.  Maseo thrust his hips as the desire built up until he was pumping himself in Kirishima’s hand.  He grabbed Kirishima’s arm.  “S-stop, I’m going to—.”  Kirishima stopped stroking him and applied more lube to his fingers then he reached behind himself and gasped.  Maseo knew he was slipping his slick fingers inside of himself.  He withdrew his fingers and grabbed Maseo’s cock.  He raised himself up and then slowly lowered himself down.

“No, Kei, don’t!”  Maseo grabbed Kirishima’s hips to stop him.

“Yes.  I want to.”  Maseo’s exquisitely hard cock was at Kirishima’s entrance and he was bearing down on him.  Maseo let out a cry then shoved him off.

Kirishima threw himself onto Maseo, trying to straddle him again.  Maseo rolled over, pinning him.  They were close to the edge of the bed.  “I’m stronger than you, Kei.”

“I don’t care!” said Kirishima, through clenched teeth, “You want to Maseo.  I know you do.”  He was trying to roll him over again.

“Yes I do, but we can’t, Kei.  Just trust me on that.”


Kirishima struggled underneath him, holding him tight, and the two men grappled.  Maseo had no trouble holding him down but struggle was too much.  The desire burned like a firestorm through him.  Maseo kissed him hard, thrusting his tongue deep into his mouth again.  “Mmmrrmmm!  Ahhh!  Hmm!”  Kirishima bucked underneath him while hot spurts of his cum splattered on their bellies.  As he cried out his pleasure against his mouth, Maseo kissed him slowly, pressing lightly then with more pressure.  He slipped his tongue back into his mouth and Kirishima sighed, his fingertips digging into his back.  “Mmmm.  Hmm.”

Kirishima went limp underneath him, dropping his hands.  He was breathing hard and his eyes were closed.  Maseo sat up and grabbed Kirishima’s hips.  He was going to take him.  He had to, more than anything he needed to bury himself deep inside his body.

But he didn’t.  Instead, he sat up and stroked himself hard.  It only took a few moments to reach his climax.  He groaned, shooting his cum all over himself and Kirishima’s stomach.

Maseo slumped where he sat, letting his hand drop.  He was panting and his heart was beating too fast.  He gripped the sheets, wiped off his creamy hand, then he climbed off Kirishima and dropped down on the bed, reaching for his pants which were in a pile on the floor.

He pulled a pair of handcuffs out of his back pocket then climbed back on the bed.  He lay down top of Kirishima who still had his eyes closed then grabbed his right wrist and cuffed him to the bed.

Kirishima’s eyes flew open.  “What are you–?”  He pulled on his wrist, the metal rattling against the metal bars of his headboard.  “Where did you get handcuffs?!”

Maseo grabbed Kirishima’s chin.  “I brought them along in case you tried to take control of the situation.  You need more pleasuring but I can’t do it if you keep throwing yourself at me.  I should have cuffed you when we started.”  Then he kissed him again.


“Maseo!  I can’t.  Ah haaaah ahhh!”

Kirishima’s hips were thrusting uncontrollably.  He was lying on his side, still cuffed to the bed.   Maseo was lying behind him, thrusting two of his silky fingers inside him.  He was taking his time, pushing his hot, slick fingers at a regular rhythm, slowly pushing them further inside.  Kirishima’s body was fully open but Maseo still hadn’t taken him.

“Please, please…I want you to.  Please….AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!”

Maseo had removed his fingers and was spreading his cheeks, opening him up.  His hot tongue flicked around his entrance lightly, teasing him as jolts of pleasure shot through him.  Kirishima jerked his hips but Maseo held them in place then slowly ran his velvety tongue around his entrance.  Kirishima arched his back in response, the handcuffs rattling.  His cock felt like it was about to explode.  He couldn’t stop begging Maseo to take him.  He gripped himself with his free hand and began stroking furiously.

Maseo pressed his soft mouth against him, planting little kisses, then moved his tongue in circles, slowly pressing deeper into his entrance, circling over and over.  He spread Kirishima’s cheeks further apart and slipped a finger inside, turning it slowly, licking the edges lightly then with more pressure.  Then he inserted another finger and another, slowly sliding them in and out.

“Mmm!  Mmmm!  MMMM!”  Kirishima was moving his hips back and forth in the same rhythm as Maseo’s thrusting fingers.  “Ahhh!  AH!”  Maseo’s silky hot fingers reached deeper inside him.  Waves of pleasure rolled through him, building with each thrust.  His body screamed for release.

“That’s it, Kei.  Ride my fingers,” said Maseo.  Kirishima’s hips were shuddering; the tension was becoming unbearable.  He was still stroking himself, tightly gripping his shaft, pushing himself closer to climax.  Maseo pulled out his fingers then planted his face right up against him, shoving his tongue inside.  Kirishima screamed, arching his back, straining against the cuffs, cumming all over the sheets and his hand.  His body jerked over and over while Maseo drove his tongue deeper inside him.  “Ahh, ahh, ahhhh!”  Kirishima panted as the final aftershocks of his climax dissipated.  Maseo pulled his tongue out of him and let go of his hips.  He felt Maseo get of bed and heard him go into the bathroom.  He was still trying to catch his breath and his brain was in a fog.   He could hear water running and wondered how Maseo was able to walk.  Kirishima sighed and began to drift off.

He felt Maseo get back on the bed and unlock the handcuffs.  His wrist was sore from thrashing around.  Maseo rubbed his wrist slowly but firmly and it stopped hurting.  Then he wiped him down with a warm, wet washcloth.  He finished by cleaning his hands.  Maseo rolled him gently onto his stomach and began stroking his silky hands over his back.  Kirishima shifted his shoulders.  Maseo kneaded his back muscles, paying special attention to his neck and shoulders.  The heat from his hands felt marvelous.  “Mmmm.”  Kirishima’s body was relaxing and a wonderful feeling of peace and well-being was drifting through him again.  He felt Maseo climb over him and settle down next to him.

Maseo rolled him back onto this side so they were facing each other.  He ran his fingers over Kirishima’s face.  “I’ll let you sleep now,” he said kissing him gently.  Kirishima snuggled into Maseo’s arms and then knew nothing else.


Second AN: In the first drafts of this story, Maseo doesn’t take Kirishima but this seemed so unrealistic no matter how much self-control Maseo has. As for the rimming and the handcuffs, well, Maseo came up those ideas on his own.

As I mentioned in the first AN, the first part of this deleted scene is written from Maseo’s point of view. The subtle differences in the first section worked a lot better in the final version.

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