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Pages from the Viewfinder series at the Animate Store in Shibuya, Tokyo.
Pages from the Viewfinder series at the Animate Store in Shibuya, Tokyo.

GryphonGirl Yaoi is a website dedicated to yaoi original fiction and fanfiction stories written by GryphonGirl and beta’d by Missly.

We are currently working on a fanfiction trilogy based on Yamane Ayano’s yaoi manga, You’re My Love Prize in the Viewfinder, otherwise known as the Finder series or Viewfinder series.

First, the Stats!

  • The latest story, Zero Hour, was completed on 10 Feb 2014, including all the extras.

  • We are working hard on the last story in this trilogy but it’s taking longer due to its length and complexity.

  • 2016-03-20 Update: Damn, it’s been a while since I did an update! Sorry about that but it’s still the same: Still writing this story and still pushing to the finish line. Thanks so much for your patience!

Next, the Trigger Warnings!

  • All the fanfiction on this site is based on the Finder (or Viewfinder) Series by Yamane Ayano, a yaoi manga. Much of the sex in early volumes of the original manga features non-con and dub-con sex.

  • My stories feature explicit sex and in rare instances, dub-con. In addition, my stories have elements of violence and bloodshed.

  • I have posted trigger warnings at the beginning of the relevant chapters.

My Viewfinder fanfiction trilogy is based on You’re My Love Prize in the Viewfinder series by Yamane Ayano (“Sensei”), one of the most popular yaoi manga ever made.  It is referred to as the Finder Series or the Viewfinder Series (Missly and I refer to it as “the Canon”).  There are currently seven volumes and the series is continuing.  You’re My Love Prize in the Viewfinder is the original title of the first story.  This is the story of a 35 year old Japanese yakuza boss (Asami Ryuichi) and his sort-of lover (Takaba Akihito or “Aki” as we sometimes refer to him), a 23 year old news photographer.

During the first story, Asami kidnaps Akihito and basically rapes him.  It’s pretty intense stuff.  Sensei herself has said had she known the series and characters would be so popular, she would have made Asami less cruel and sadistic in this story.

The first time I read this manga I almost went cross-eyed.  I’d never seen anything like it.  Asami is less sadistic after their first encounter but still forcibly seduces Aki in the early volumes thereby reinforcing their sadomasochistic relationship.  Aki is always resisting Asami but surrenders eventually.  And the sex is always intensely pleasurable.  Asami is very skilled at giving both pleasure and pain, sometimes at the same time.  As time goes on, the sex becomes more consensual.

Love Prize Pic
And now for a visual: Asami saves Aki from a dangerous situation in the first story, You’re My Love Prize in the Viewfinder. Sensei’s art is beautiful.

The centerpiece of this series is a story called Naked Truth which goes on from volumes three to five.  In it, Asami and Aki are starting to bond emotionally but they are interrupted when Feilong, a rival crime boss from Hong Kong (and possibly the most beautiful man in all of yaoi), kidnaps Aki and turns him into a sex slave.  Asami goes all the way to Hong Kong and puts himself, his men, and his organization at a huge risk to get his Aki back.  Yes, he does tend see Aki as one of his possessions though he’s clearly in love with him.  Aki, on the other hand, is confused by his feelings for Asami.

The series has great character development.  Asami is very cold and expressionless for the most part but Sensei gives us tantalizing peeks into his thoughts and emotions here and there.  The end when they are finally reunited is fantastic and comes complete with an incredible “reunion” sex scene.

Asami, though beautiful, is almost unbearably domineering and has a deep seated desire to possess and control Aki.  He is the ultimate seme (in this author’s opinion, anyway).  Aki is a free spirit with plenty of fire and spunk.  He is very resilient and a good person.  They make a great “two-halves of the same coin” couple.

My fanfiction takes place right after the events of Naked Truth when Asami and Aki return to Japan after the events in Hong Kong.  In the Canon, Asami has taken all of Aki’s things and moved them into his very expensive penthouse.  Aki is resisting and angry, of course.

Right now, the Canon is at seven volumes and while Aki and Asami live and sleep together they are not a couple. My story, Ordinary Silences, is about them finally coming together. The second story in my trilogy, Zero Hour, is a prequel to Ordinary Silences and takes place six years before. The final story will take place about a year and a half after the events of Ordinary Silences.

In other news, I am proud to post my first ever original short story, Rodney. See the link below.

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