I’m still working on the third Finder story…

I just wanted let you all know that I have not stopped working on the last Finder story. Well, okay, I might have stopped during Christmas and the week after but other than than that, I’ve been plugging away at it. As I said before, I’ve been struggling with it. Here’s a list:

  • I’m pretty pleased with three-quarters of the story but not the last quarter. This is due to the story being very long and me running out of steam while I was drafting it. I’m working on making the last part better.
  • The story is super complex. There are many characters and all the loose ends need to be tied up. This last story also “completes” the other two stories in the trilogy Ordinary Silences and Zero Hour so I’ve been having problems keeping track of everything.
  • In addition to the third story there will be at least one Omake (but probably two) so this story has to lead naturally into it which means more things to keep track of.
  • I’m probably experiencing some sadness too. I’m at the end of this journey with Asami, Aki, and the rest, and it will be a long time before I revisit them and this story world I’ve embellished and made my own. This is a difficult thing, even a little painful, so I’m sure that’s not helping this situation.

That’s latest. I’ll try to update you more often.

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