Mid-Sept 2015 Junk Mail

How are you all doing?

I wanted to do a check-in, let you know how things are going.

I am still working on this third Finder story and it’s driving me nuts! Fortunately, next week is Yaoi-Con and I will see my beta reader there. I hope to have a good long talk with her about it and unclog some of the places where I’m stuck.

Yes, next week is Yaoi-Con and I will be playing host to a bunch of friends who will be coming. I’m sooo excited! And I will be posting pictures here.

I’m feeling much better overall. No weird symptoms and my energy level seems to be good other than the occasional sleepless night which may or may not be partly caused by reading too many Stucky fics 😉

I’ve been decluttering my small apartment and making very good process. I generally live in a cluttered space so having some room to breathe is really good for me.

The weather here in San Francisco is really weird. Two days ago it was 95 degrees F and now the fog is in and it’s 65 degrees F and chilly.

Lastly, I’m on Instagram (cpow_sf) and really enjoying it. I never thought this app would be so much fun but it does make me think a little differently taking pictures.

Street in my neighborhood. Via my Instagram (cpow_sf)
Street in my neighborhood. Via my Instagram (cpow_sf)
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