Life as a Fangirl – My Ships: Stucky

Spoilers for Captain America: The First Avenger and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Since I’m a fangirl, I thought I’d write some posts about my favorite ships. First up, Stucky!

Stucky is pairing from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Steve Rogers/Captain America, played by Chris Evans, and his best friend, James “Bucky” Barnes/Sargent Barnes/The Winter Soldier, played by Sebastian Stan, make up this pairing.

Steve and Bucky
Steve asks Bucky if he’s ready to follow him back into battle. From Captain America: The First Avenger

A Late Start

I didn’t see Captain America: The Winter Soldier until at least four months after it had come out and Captain America: The First Avenger until just before I saw Winter Soldier. My good friends were swooning over Steve Rogers/James “Bucky” Barnes and I had no idea why.

Then I watched Winter Soldier.

Yeah, that was pretty much it for me. Like my friends, I was suddenly, totally, madly in love with this pairing and these two characters, especially Bucky for his tormented mind, body, and soul.

A Little Like Being in Love

Bucky and Steve2
Bucky is looking at Steve…like he’s the center of his entire universe. From Captain America: The First Avenger.

I couldn’t get enough of them and all I could think of was Bucky, Bucky, Bucky. All the damn time. It’s embarrassing now that I think about it. As I pointed out to a good friend on while camping one evening, it’s a little like being in love.  I’m fascinated by this character, the journey he’s on, and how he’ll turn out in the end.

I wasn’t as much into Steve Rogers or Chris Evans at first (notice I said, at first). Steve is a good man, very straightforward, always does the right thing but seemed a little bland to me though I really liked him in Winter Soldier. Then I was invited to join a Marvel group and am now in charge of posting pictures and information about Chris Evans (Sebastian Stan was already taken). In the year that I’ve been doing this I’ve really enjoyed learning about Chris, watching his films and writing about them. And I have a much better appreciation for Steve Rogers.

“Who the Hell is Bucky?”

What I love about this relationship is how these two are men out of time, they don’t really belong in this century, and the only thing they have from their previous lives is each other. Yet the circumstances of their individual experiences threatens their lifelong friendship. Even though Steve went into the ice and was frozen for 70 years, he basically came out with his morals and personality intact. Bucky, on the other hand, was modified, brainwashed, and tormented into The Winter Soldier, the world’s deadliest assassin. The questions this situation raises are fascinating:

  • Does Bucky really remember Steve?
  • Are they capable of loving and forgiving themselves and each other?
  • Even if Bucky does remember Steve, who is he now?

And, most important, are they capable of loving each other and sustaining a long-term relationship?

About Every Four Weeks

Since starting my obsession, I’ve been watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier about once a month though in June/July of last year I went for about two months without watching it. Each time I watch the entire film and usually watch all the Bucky scenes at least twice.

Even if I didn’t love Stucky so much I would still love this movie. It’s so well done, does a great job with expanding the characters, and has outstanding action/fight sequences. One of my favorite scenes is the elevator scene.

Stucky has also introduced me to new things. For example, I never read much fanfiction (even though I write Finder fanfiction(!)) until one night I decided I needed more Stucky than I was getting and cracked open AO3 (Archive of Our Own) on my phone. I absolutely love reading Stucky fics and will write a future post about my favorite recs.

Captain America: Civil War

I pretty much cried when I watched this trailer.
I pretty much cried when I watched this trailer.

Needless to say, I CAN’T wait to see Civil War. The directors, the Russo Brothers, have assured us that this movie is about Steve and goes into his relationship with Bucky. I do hope that’s true. It seems the cast, including Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan, are proud of it which is a really good sign.

I’m sure I’m going to bawl my head off when I finally see it.