Omake – Chapter 2 (NC-17)

Zero Hour Omake Ch2“But the meeting at the club—“ said the driver.  The man completely ignored this comment as the car was turned around.

They didn’t speak at all.  Not during the car ride, not when the limo stopped and they climbed out together, not when they got into the elevator, and not when the man closed the door of the penthouse behind them and turned on the lights.  He went into a small room next to front door, a shoe closet.

Akihito hesitated in the doorway.  He’d never seen a walk-in shoe closet inside a home before.  The man was removing his shoes.  He pulled off his sneakers without loosening the laces and placed them next to the man’s very expensive dark brown shoes. Akihito saw that his sneakers were slightly askew and lined them up neatly.  The man was watching him, his hands in his pockets.  Akihito met his gaze and they stood together in silence.  He didn’t feel awkward or uncomfortable.

When the man reached out to touch him, Akihito flinched back reflexively.  He kept looking up into the man’s light brown eyes and stayed still when the man reached out to him again.  He gently brushed back some of his long hair that had come loose from his ponytail then traced his fingers over his cheekbone.

Akihito sighed.  The man lifted his chin.  Akihito gazed steadily into his eyes, not intimidated by his piercing stare.

The man reached behind him and pulled his hair loose. He gently lifted it so it would cascade around his shoulders.

“You’re not scared,” he said.

“Should I be?”

The man didn’t reply. Instead, he grabbed him around the waist, pulling him close. Their mouths were close but not touching.

Akihito felt the warmth from earlier rising in his cheeks.  He glanced down at the man’s full lips then back up at his eyes.

“You’re not resisting me at all.”

Akihito kept staring into the man’s eyes.  “We’re in a shoe closet. A really nice one but it’s still a closet.”

The man smiled slightly then released him.  He stepped back.  Akihito removed his jacket.

“Come on,” said the man.  Akihito followed him into the hallway, stopping at the living room entrance.

He looked around.  The penthouse was tastefully but sparingly furnished.  It was vast and obviously very expensive.  He couldn’t care less because all he wanted to do was stare at the man.  He wanted to be touched again.  The man went into the living room, glancing back at him.  Akihito followed.  The man was taking off his jacket.  Akihito stopped then took a step back.  The man was wearing a shoulder holster and a gun.  He removed it quickly and laid it carefully on the coffee table then took off his vest.

“Are you a cop?” asked Akihito, his natural instincts kicking in.  He clearly wasn’t a police officer.  Akihito tried not to think of what the alternative might be.  He was still standing where he’d taken a step back.

“No.” The man was leaning against the couch. He was tall and superbly built. Akihito thought he’d never seen anyone more beautiful.

Akihito approached him, running his fingers through his hair.  The man reached out to touch his face again.  Akihito closed his eyes.  The warmth was heating up inside him.  Akihito was first aware of the cigarette smoke smell then a warm, slightly spicy scent underneath.  The man’s hands were large, his touch firm yet soft.  They felt both foreign and welcome.  The man caressed his cheek and then traced his fingers along his lips.  The warmth inside began to burn.  The man put his arm around him, pulling him close, and leaned down to nibble his ear.  Akihito instinctively pulled away again, pushing at him.  The man licked and nibbled his neck even as he resisted.

“Ahh!” Akihito let out his first cry of pleasure.

“You haven’t been with a man before, have you?” he said softly, “I suppose that means I’ll have to be gentle considering how young you are.”  Akihito didn’t answer.  The man’s voice made him shiver.  He was still pulling away though the man just buried his face deeper into his neck.  Akihito shuddered as the man kissed and licked his neck, working his way up to his ear.  Chills ran down his spine and through his body.  The burning inside him became desire.  He pushed his hips against the man and then he was being picked up and carried down the long hallway to the bedroom.  The man threw him on the huge bed.  Akihito sat up, watching him pull off his tie and unbutton his white shirt, pulling it open.  His body was hard, chiseled, and exquisitely muscled.  He climbed onto the bed, leaning over him.  Akihito was breathing hard, unable to control his reactions.

The man traced his fingers over his lips again and then slipped his fingers into Akihito’s mouth.  He opened his mouth to the man’s fingers, sucking them.  The man buried his face on the other side of his neck, collapsing on top of him.  “That’s good, Akihito, keep sucking,” he said.

“Nnnn!…Mmmm…”Akihito ground his hips into him, tasting, sucking, licking the man’s fingers.  He had never felt anything like the man’s weight, warmth, and hardness.  He wanted more of it.  The man was nibbling his other ear and then tracing his tongue along the side of his neck. The man’s scent and the feel of his body were so foreign yet he’d never wanted anything more.  Akihito had been with girls but this was nothing like that.  The desire and sensation he’d felt with them seemed diluted and incomplete in comparison.

“Ahh! Haa…Ha…Ha!” Akihito cried out as the man pulled his fingers out of his mouth.  The man slid down and pulled up his t-shirt, pinching one of his nipples.

“Ahhhh…!!!!” A jolt of sensation and pleasure fired through him as his nipple hardened.  The man pinched his nipple again and then closed his mouth over it.  “Ahhhhhhhh….!!  HAAAA…Ha!!” Akihito screamed with a pleasure he’d never felt before.  The man was licking and running his tongue over his nipple and then he switched to the other one, sucking on it.  Akihito twisted and shoved his hips into him, screaming with pleasure and struggling against the man’s weight.  The man held him down with one arm and quickly unzipped his jeans and pulling them and his shorts down past his knees, freeing his dripping cock.  Akihito was afraid the man would touch him there but he didn’t.  Instead, the man went back to sucking his nipple again, running his warm hand along Akihito thrusting hips and his upper thighs.

“Ahhhhh!!! Haaah…haaaah…I can’t…I-I can’t…anymore!”  The man gripped his hips, holding him down.  Akihito pushed against the man’s hands but could barely move his hips.  He began fighting him, trying to push him away.  The heat was unbearable and his own struggle only made it more intense.  “Haaaah!!! Hah…!” Akihito panted, his body shivering uncontrollably as he neared his climax.  He struggled and struggled against the man, the desire making him scream.

“Ahhhhhh!!!! AHHHHA!!” Akihito convulsed as he climaxed, his cum splurting onto his belly, hips rocking with each wave that crashed over him, legs kicking.  The man let go of his hips and Akihito felt jolt after jolt as he twitched and gasped from the aftershocks. “Haahhh!  Hahh!” Akihito cried out again, thrusting his hips with the final waves of pleasure.  He lay with his legs spread apart, breathing hard, eyes closed.

The man kissed him softly on the cheek, brushing his hair from his face, then he felt a small towel on his stomach.  The man was cleaning him up.

“Mmmm,” Akihito moaned softly, eyes closed.  He felt the man move and then get off the bed.  He rolled over to his side, surprised he could move at all.

“Are you thirsty?” Akihito opened his eyes, blinking.  The man was holding a glass of water out to him.  He sat up and drank the glass down.  The man stripped off the last of his clothes.  Akihito watched, eyes slightly wide, taking in his perfectly sculpted body.  He stared at the man’s huge erection then looked back up at his face.  The man was smiling as he pulled the duvet back and climbed into the bed again.  He took the glass from Akihito and put it on the night stand.

“Underneath,” said the man, beckoning him.  Akihito pulled off the last of his clothes, surprising himself, and got under the covers.  The man pulled the duvet over them, and they lay facing each other.  He caressed Akihito’s face and hair. “You’re very responsive for never having been with a man before.”

Akihito felt the blush in his cheeks but he also felt emboldened.  He traced his fingers along the man’s mouth. “What’s your name?” Akihito asked.  The man’s lips were warm and soft.

“Asami.”  The man took his hand and gently kissed his fingers.

Akihito frowned.  Asami.  Wasn’t that a girl’s name?  He gasped as Asami nipped his first two fingers then slipped them into his mouth.  He stared at Asami’s mouth as he slowly sucked and licked his fingers, taking a sharp breath when he pushed them all the way inside and held them there, sucking softly.  He couldn’t believe it but even his tongue was beautiful.

“That feels…nice,” he said. The heat was rising in his face again.  He felt a slight twinge of disappointment when Asami removed his fingers.  “What now?”

“More, Akihito.  Much more.  We’ve only just started.”

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