Omake – Chapter 3 (NC-17)

Zero Hour Omake Poster 3-4“What?!” Akihito tried to sit up but Asami pulled him back down again. He tried to pull away but Asami was holding him tight, one arm around his waist, his other hand gripping his long hair, having buried his face in Akihito’s neck again.  “Uhnnn…Ahh.” Luscious shivers ran through him again.  “Wait…!”

Asami moved underneath him and Akihito felt his desire quickening.  He could feel Asami’s hard cock pressing up against his thigh.  He told himself he didn’t want more but his body seemed to have a mind of its own.  Asami rolled him over, lying on top of him.  Again, that wonderful feeling of weight and pressure and the amazing feeling of Asami’s naked body pressed up against his.

“Akihito…” said Asami, his voice barely a whisper, “you want it so much, you know you do.”  He slid down the front of Akihito’s body, stopping to lick his nipple, sending jolts of pleasure through him again.  Then he slid down further.

“Ha…Ha…!” Akihito gasped as Asami’s fingers curled around his cock.  Asami started stroking leisurely, his fingers effortlessly applying pressure.  Akihito pushed against Asami’s hand, the pleasure filling his body with aching.

“You’re dripping, brimming over,” Asami said, getting his fingers wet with his pre-cum.  He reached between Akihito’s legs and slipped a wet finger around his entrance.

“Aaaaiiiieee!” Akihito almost jumped. “Ahhh, STOP!  What are you doing!?”

“Shhhh, relax,” Asami whispered.

Akihito gasped as Asami slipped the tip of his finger inside him.  “S-stop…!  It hurts!”  He started to struggle but there was more pain as Asami worked his way inside, probing him.  He pulled his finger out and then leaned across the bed to the nightstand.  Akihito watched him take out a large tube and squeeze clear gel onto his fingers.

“It’s lube,” he said capping the tube and dropping it on the bed.  Asami lay back down next to him and slipped his finger around his entrance again.

“Ah!” Akihito jerked at the cold sensation.  Asami leaned down and kissed his neck.  His mouth was warm and soft.  Akihito sighed.  He tilted his head so Asami could snuggle deeper into the crook of his neck.

Asami’s finger slipped inside him.  He took a sudden breath at the sensation but there was only a slight burning feeling then it passed.  “Hah!  Hah!”  Akihito breathed softly, thrusting his hips.  The heat was coming on again along with the aching desire.  Asami inserted another finger inside him, pausing for a few moments.  He’d stopped kissing his neck and was now watching him.  Akihito shifted then spread his legs wider.  Asami immediately pushed another finger inside then began moving them back and forth.  Akihito thrust his hips.  Along with the feeling of pressure and heat was an unexpected pleasure.  It seemed to intensify with every movement of Asami’s fingers.  “Haah….Haaaaah!!” The pleasure was unlike anything he’d ever felt before, a combination of heat, pressure, and a teasing, tingling sensation. He wanted the pressure of Asami’s fingers reaching deeper inside him.

“Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!  Ahhaaahhhh!!” Akihito screamed again. Asami had taken the head of his cock into his mouth and was licking around the top then slid his tongue along the underside of the head. The sensations of wetness, firmness, the soft, warm texture of his tongue while he licked him made him scream some more. He was thrusting his hips, panting and moaning, and all the while Asami was sliding his fingers in and out of him.  His body jerked when Asami slid his lips all the way to the base then back up along his shaft.  Up and down, up and down.  “Ahh…Ahhh…Haaah…Hah…Haah,” Akihito pushed his hips hard, trying to thrust his cock deeper. Akihito watched Asami suck slowly up and down, his exquisite mouth swallowing him.

Asami traced his tongue along the underside of his head, swirling and sucking then ran up and down along his hard shaft.  His tongue alternated between pointed, silky pressure and light fluttering licks. The sensation was overwhelming. He was going to cum again and he thought he never wanted anything more.

Asami stopped, looking up at him.  “Not yet, Akihito.  Not yet.”

Akihito panted, watching Asami get out of bed.

“W-where are you going?”

“Just washing my hands,” he said.  He was back in less than a minute.  When he got back into bed, Akihito went into his arms. Asami kissed him on the cheek then nibbled on his ear. Akihito gasped at the sound of Asami’s breath. He rolled on top of Akihito and mouthed his neck working his way down to his shoulder. “Ah!” Akihito thrust his hips. He wanted Asami to touch him, suck on him. He wanted to cum again.

Asami pulled away, tracing his hands over his body, then positioned himself between his legs. He grabbed the backs of his knees, pushing his hips up.  Akihito felt Asami’s cock at his entrance.

“No…S-stop!” he yelped, real fear leaping through him.

“It’s all right.  I’ll be gentle but you have to tell me when it starts to hurt,” said Asami, “You’re going to have to trust me.”

“I…Arghhh!” Asami pushed into him, slowly, the hardness and heat entering him.  The pain was sharp and immediate.  Asami paused, watching him closely.  He pulled back just a little and the pain lessened.   He pushed forward again and Akihito cried out again.

“Hurts?” asked Asami.  He’d paused again.

“Ye-yeah…Can’t take it,” Akihito could barely breathe.  Asami was too big, he was being stretched and the pressure was unbearable.  Tears of pain were welling up in his eyes.

Asami pulled back again and the pain subsided, though the pressure from Asami’s size was still uncomfortable.  Asami pushed forward again and it didn’t hurt so much this time.  He pulled back and then pushed forward again.  This time there was almost no pain at all, only his body attempting to accommodate Asami’s thickness.

“Stop for a moment,” said Akihito, still panting.  Asami paused but did not pull out.  Akihito shifted underneath him, a tiny movement, and he cried out.  A wave of incredible pleasure fired through him.  “A-Asami!  I…I…!”  Asami pushed into him all the way, filling him with heat.

“M-more!!!”  Asami collapsed on top of him, thrusting into him until he was all the way inside.  Akihito opened his legs wide and Asami rode him hard.  Asami’s hardness kept reaching farther and farther into him, stroking, the tension building, teasing him. He ached deep in the core of his body and he was trembling and twitching underneath him. He was opening up, not only his body but his heart.

“Ahn!!..Mmmm,” Asami had slipped his fingers into his mouth and Akihito sucked at them, greedy for more.  And still Asami rode him, his hot cock driving deeper, slamming his balls up against him.

“Ahhh!” Asami pulled his fingers out of his mouth.  Akihito felt jolt after jolt, his body still twitching.  The hard desire building inside him was nearing its climax.  Asami kissed him on the cheek and slipped his fingers back into his mouth.

Akihito bit down on Asami’s fingers, making him pull his fingers out, then he grabbed Asami’s head, trying to force his lips on his but couldn’t get him to move.  His body had built up to a fever pitch and he was crying out with each hard thrust.  He reached arms around Asami’s neck and pressed his mouth against Asami’s lips as hard as he could, raising himself off the bed.  Their teeth clicked together and Akihito shoved his tongue into Asami’s mouth.

“Mmmmrrahhh…!!!  Ahh!!!  Aaahhhh!!!” Akihito exploded, his own cum squirting in hot streams on his stomach. He collapsed back on the bed, struggling and jerking as his climax went on. Akihito shuddered as the sensations dissipated, his body going limp, while Asami pounded harder into him.

And finally, the kiss.  Asami gripped the sides of his face and finally pressed his mouth to his. “Mmmm!” Akihito sighed. He probed around Asami’s mouth with his tongue while their hips rocked together.  His lips were softer and firmer than Akihito ever imagined.

“Haah! Ahh!” Akihito tilted his head back, eyes closed. He lay helpless and spent while Asami stroked in and out of him. Another kiss. Their teeth clicked together again but the kiss went on, the hard pressure gradually lessening to gentle softness.

Asami threw his head back suddenly.  “Ahhhhhh!!” Akihito felt the hot splash of Asami’s cum spilling inside him.  Asami’s long groan trailed off to a sigh and he collapsed on top of him.


Akihito had no idea how long they were lying there but Asami pulled slowly out and rolled off him, still breathing hard.  Akihito gingerly moved his legs. His inner thighs were stretched and the muscles were pulling.  Asami slipped his arm around him and Akihito curled up against him.  The movement had been natural and easy like they’d been lovers for a long time.

“Are you…all right?” asked Asami.  His breathing was finally slowing down.

“Yeah, just a little stunned, I guess,” said Akihito.  He pressed his face into Asami’s chest.

“To be expected,” said Asami. “You did well for your first time.”

“You did well too,” said Akihito.  He was feeling sleepy.

Asami laughed softly.  It was a beautiful sound, like the rest of him, warm and rich.

“Can we sleep now?” asked Akihito.

“Only for a little while.  We’ll start up again later,” said Asami, tucking his head on top of Akihito’s.

“Later?  What?”

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