Omake – Chapter 4 (NC-17)

Zero Hour Omake Poster 4-4“AHHHH!!!  Nghnggh!!!” Akihito screamed in ecstasy, his cum spurting on the bed and his now sticky belly while Asami pumped deep inside him from behind.  He was bent over the bed because he couldn’t to stay up on all fours anymore.  Asami stroked deeply and leisurely inside him.  There was a squelching, sloshing sound. Asami’s cum ran down the back of his legs with each stroke.  More cum was smeared and dried on his inner thighs and ass.  Asami had already pounded him mercilessly for hours, filling him to overflowing, and still he would not stop taking him.

Akihito lost track of the number of times they’d done it.  He didn’t even know what day it was anymore.  All he knew was that Asami still wanted him and he’d stopped protesting hours ago.

Asami sighed, “Deeper, Akihito, you need it so much deeper…” He was nearing his climax.  Akihito could feel Asami’s hips shivering.

“Ahhh..!” Asami gasped as he climaxed inside him again, pushing himself all the way inside, filling him.

“Uhng…,” Akihito barely moaned.  Asami had collapsed on top of him, breathing hard.  Sweat covered their bodies and Akihito could feel the sweat dripping off Asami’s hair onto his back. They remained that way for a few minutes then Asami shifted slowly and pulled out. More hot liquid spilled out of him.  He couldn’t move anymore so he remained slumped over the edge of the bed.  Asami pulled him onto the bed and settled him onto his side.  A moment later the lights were turned off. When Asami came back, he put a pillow underneath Akihito’s head and lay down next to him, putting his arm around his waist.

“Do you need anything, Akihito?  Some water?  Do you need the bathroom?” asked Asami.

The dark of the room was comforting.  “No, thanks.” Akihito could barely get the words out.  He let himself drift, exhaustion taking over.  Sleep was just about to pull him under when a sharp pain in his legs woke him up with a yelp.  He took a harsh breath as the pain sharpened.

Asami sat up.  “What’s wrong?!”  Akihito’s legs were trembling.

“Legs…they’re cramping. Arrgh!”  Akihito gripped his quads which were now protesting from the non-stop activity.  He curled into himself, gripping harder.  “Argghh!”

Asami rolled him over so they were facing each other.  He pulled Akihito’s hands away and massaged his cramping thighs, moving his large, warm hands in reassuring firm strokes.  Akihito inhaled suddenly. Another sharp pain.  Asami spread his fingers, massaging in the direction of the muscles.  Gradually, the sharp pain dulled to a quiet ache.  Akihito opened his eyes.

“That’s better, thanks,” he said. He laid his hand on Asami’s cheek then he leaned forward.  They kissed gently, slowly.  Akihito sighed.  His body was starting to respond again.  He pulled him closer.  The kiss deepened, their tongues exploring, lips pressing softly together, releasing.  “Mmmmm…”

Asami broke off the kiss.  “Akihito, we can’t do it anymore.  We both need to sleep,” said Asami, his voice slightly breathless.

“You should talk. We’ve been doing this for who knows how long and it’s all your fault,” said Akihito.  Though his body wanted more, he really was too tired.  He closed his eyes.  The last thing Akihito remembered was Asami tracing his fingers along his shoulder.


When he woke up he was alone.  The room was still dark.  Asami had tucked the duvet around him.  He tried sitting up and gasped when he tried to move.  His entire body was sore.  He managed to haul himself to a sitting position, taking a couple of deep breaths.  The bedroom door was slightly ajar and he could hear Asami talking to someone on the phone.  He tried to stand and collapsed.  His legs weren’t working.  He had to go to the bathroom.  He tried to pull himself into a crawling position but his legs collapsed underneath him.  “ASAMI!” he shouted.  He was embarrassed but he didn’t have a choice.  Asami, wearing a bathrobe, burst through the door.  He was closing the phone.

“I can’t use my legs…need bathroom” he said.  Asami hauled him up and half pulled, half walked him to the bathroom.  He closed the door.

“Akihito,” said Asami through the closed door.


“Let me know when you’re done.  I want to take a bath with you,” he said.

“Oh…okay,” he said.  When he was done and opened the door to Asami, he was handed a robe and a glass of water.  He watched as Asami prepared the bath, sipping the water, then he glanced at himself in the mirror.  He stopped, staring.  His dark hair was completely disheveled, yet it waved around his face.  His face was soft, his large eyes even brighter than usual.  His expression was warm, emotional.  His eyes…his eyes were lit with an expression he’d never seen before.  A tenderness seemed to glow from within.  He hated to admit it but he actually looked beautiful.

Asami was sitting on a small stool next to the tub, holding the shower sprayer. There was a second stool next to him.  “Sit. I’ll clean you up.”

Akihito hesitated. “You don’t have to do that.”

“Sit, Akihito.”  He dropped his robe and with Asami’s help, sat down on the stool.  His muscles were still aching.  Asami turned on the hot water and quickly rinsed him off then he worked on soaping Akihito down.  Akihito closed his eyes. Asami’s hands were warm and firm, soothing as they worked on his sore muscles.  He was scrubbed all over then rinsed off.  Akihito opened his eyes as Asami began wetting his hair.

“You don’t have to–” said Akihito but he stopped when Asami began shampooing his hair.  “Mmmmm.”  His hands worked over his scalp, applying pressure to his forehead and then rubbing his temples.  He finished by rubbing his neck and shoulders.

“I’ll apply some conditioner so your hair doesn’t get tangled,” said Asami close to his ear.

“You’re being really nice,” said Akihito, eyes still closed.

This earned him a short laugh. “Don’t get used to it. I’m only doing this because you’ve earned it.”  Asami applied the conditioner. It smelled wonderful.

“That smells…expensive,” said Akihito.

“It probably is,” said Asami. He ran his fingers through Akihito’s hair then gave it a final rinse.

Asami picked him up and put him into the bathtub then he went back to the stool and quickly began to wash himself.

Akihito settled back in the hot water, looking up at the expensive gray and white tiles.  He heard Asami rinsing himself off.  A few moments later, he moved forward while Asami got into the tub then leaned back against him.

“That felt good. Thanks,” said Akihito.

Asami kissed his temple. He moved his long wet hair to one side and gently gripped the back of Akihito’s neck, massaging slowly.  Akihito took a deep breath and leaned forward.

“You should cut your hair, Akihito.  You have a lovely long neck.”

“Hmm. I like my hair long.”

“I would like it better if it was short.”

Akihito smiled to himself. “You don’t get to tell me how to wear my hair.”

Asami chuckled softly then put his arms around his waist.

“We’ve been here for days, I think. Don’t you have things to do?” asked Akihito.

“Don’t worry about that, just relax,” Asami said.  His arms felt good.

Akihito started to drift off.  “Are you always this nice?” he asked. He opened his eyes, not realizing he’d asked the question.

There was a pause.  “I don’t know if I’d call what we’ve been doing nice, Akihito.  I’ve been ravishing you for more than a day and this is your first time with a man.  Not to mention you’re just eighteen.”

Akihito turned towards him.  Asami pulled him onto his lap, the hot water splashing.  “You’ve been nice even with all the ravishing.”  Akihito put his arms around Asami’s neck and they kissed again.  “I like that you’re my first,” said Akihito when the kiss ended.

“If you’re not careful, Akihito, I might decide I’m the only one you’ll ever have.”

“Mmmm…I like that idea.”  Akihito could feel Asami’s hard cock pressing up against him.  He rocked his hips a little.  Asami was twitching.

“Still want more? I shouldn’t be surprised since you’re so young,” said Asami, pulling him closer.  They kissed again. Asami probed slowly, expertly tracing his tongue in all the tender places of his mouth.

“Nnngg…Ahhh!” Akihito gasped when Asami cupped his balls then gripped his cock, stroking firmly.  Water splashed as Akihito moved his hips.  His body was still sore and protesting from the movement but he couldn’t stop.  “A-sami!” He couldn’t help calling out his name. The mounting pleasure was erasing all the pain in his muscles.

Asami let go of his cock, grabbed a small bottle of lube from behind the shampoo bottle near the tub, and pulled him up to a standing position.  He turned him around to face the shower wall. There was a pause when Asami opened the lube then he pushed his slick fingers into him.  His entrance was completely open. “Ahh…Ah!”

Asami removed his fingers and pushed his cock into him slowly.  “Nggghhh!”  There was no pain at all, there hadn’t been since the first time they’d done it.  Asami pushed all the way inside then began driving hard.

“Jerk yourself off, Akihito,” Asami whispered in his ear, holding his hips.  Akihito stroked his cock.  “Ahhhh….AH!!” The desire was aching through him again.  Asami’s cock buried further and further inside him.  The pleasure was spreading through his lower body.

“Careful what you wish for. You’re going to get it,” Asami said, “I’m liking the idea of being your only lover.”

“I…I want you to be…the only one,” Akihito gasped.  He arched his back into Asami’s driving thrusts.  His tip was already dripping pre-cum over his hand.

Asami grabbed him roughly by the hair, pulling his head back.  “I’m never this gentle, Akihito, and I’m not a nice man.  I’ll take everything away from you to make you mine, even your freedom.”

Akihito responded by turning towards him, kissing him.  Asami gripped his hair harder.  Akihito cried out against Asami’s mouth as his climax took him, spilling cum on his stroking hand.


They’d spent at least another couple of days in bed, stopping only to sleep, eat, and bathe when someone arrived at the door.  Asami ignored the intercom, the doorbell and then his ringing cell phone.  Finally, whoever it was pounded on door a few times and then entered the penthouse.

“Who is that?” asked Akihito looking at Asami.

“It’s all right, just one of my…employees,” he said, “He’ll be leaving in a minute.” The man had stopped just out of sight next to the bedroom door which was open.

“Asami-sama, it is very important that I speak to you,” said the man.

“Kirishima, if I needed you I would have called,” Asami said, his voice cold.

They had been lying together, talking about photography.  Asami had asked Akihito about his camera and picture taking skills.  They’d still been having plenty of sex but  found themselves talking more and more.

“I want you to leave now,” Asami said to the voice, pulling the duvet over Akihito.

A sigh.  “Asami-sama, I would not have come if this wasn’t really important.  Please, I need to speak to you right now.”

Asami looked at Akihito for a long moment, cupping his face.  “I’ll be right back.”  He watched Asami climb out of bed and pull on his robe.  He walked out of the room, lighting a cigarette.

Akihito stared up at the ceiling.  “No, you won’t be back,” he said out loud to himself.  He didn’t know why but he felt a clarity and steadiness about the situation that belied his youth, about his feelings for Asami, and about Asami’s feelings for him.  Later, his own anger and hurt would cloud that clarity.  It would take dangerous and extraordinary experiences with Asami before he would get that clarity back.  He hauled himself out of bed and went to the bathroom to shower.  When he came out, Asami was sitting on the bed.  He could see he wasn’t happy.

“You need to go home, Akihito, even if—,” Asami stopped.

“I know.  It’s time to say goodbye,” Akihito said.  Asami looked at him, frowning.  He rubbed his wet hair with the towel then put his arms around him.  Asami held him close, looking into his eyes.  “It’s okay.  I know you want me to stay,” said Akihito.

A pile of new clothes were neatly folded on the bed. Akihito pulled himself out of Asami’s embrace so he could look at them.

“I asked someone to buy them for you yesterday while you were sleeping,” said Asami. He was watching him closely. “The sizes should be right.”

Akihito picked up the jeans. They were very expensive. “Thanks. They’re…very nice.” He looked at Asami. “You didn’t have to do that.”

“I wanted to,” said Asami. “If there was more time, I might have bought you…other things.”

“Other things?”

“Presents, maybe.”


Asami shrugged. “Why not?” He pulled out a Dunhill and lit it. “It doesn’t matter now.”

Akihito watched the flame briefly illuminate the fine features of his face. Once the cigarette was lit, Asami looked at him, taking a deep drag.

“It does matter,” said Akihito quietly. “More than you know.”

Asami pulled the cigarette out of his mouth, exhaling slowly. They stayed where they were even though Akihito could feel the pull of the connection they shared. It was odd but he hadn’t really been aware of it until that moment.

When they finally parted, Akihito merely thanked Asami after kissing him goodbye. Asami accompanied him as far as the elevator. They said nothing to each other as the doors closed but Akihito gave him a little wave at the last moment. Asami smiled slightly, his hands in his pockets.

Kirishima took him down to a limo.  Akihito told him to go to the train station.  He could see him watching him in the rearview mirror as they drove down the street.

“What?  Why do you keep looking at me like that?”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable, Takaba Akihito,” he said.

“Wait, how do you know my full name?”

“It’s my business to know as much as possible about you,” said Kirishima.

“Does Asami know my full name?”

“Yes, and a good deal more.”

Akihito stared out the window.  An unfamiliar feeling of incompleteness had settled inside him.  He wanted to see Asami again and he’d only just left him.

“I’m never going to see him again, am I?” asked Akihito.  Kirishima pulled the limo over to the side of the road.  They were near the train station.  He leaned over the seat.

“Takaba-kun, Asami-sama is a very important man.  You’re just a kid.  A child, really.  Taking you home was a mistake for him.  It’s best that he let you go so you can live a normal life.”

“A normal life,” Akihito echoed, “He said he might decide to take away my freedom.”  Kirishima closed his eyes for a moment before looking at him again.

“That’s not going to happen.  Believe me, it’s best for him and for you.  Just forget about Asami-sama,” said Kirishima.

Akihito swallowed.  There was a lump in his throat. “I don’t know how you or anyone else can expect me to do that.”

Kirishima pushed his glasses up.  “I’m sorry, Takaba-kun.  If I had been able to prevent this from happening, I would have.”

Akihito shook his head, “You couldn’t have prevented it.  What you and everyone else don’t seem to realize is how he feels about me.  It’s not some run-of-the-mill thing.”  Akihito opened the car door and exited without waiting for an answer.  Kirishima sat watching the kid, just eighteen years old, walk away without looking back.

“I know it’s not some run-of-the-mill thing, Akihito,” said Kirishima out loud, starting up the car.

Akihito wouldn’t tell his sensei or parents what had happened to him, merely insisting upon going about his daily routine.  He didn’t hear from Asami or see him again, nor did he expect to.


Two weeks later, he was walking down the same street where he’d first seen Asami’s limo, carrying his father’s camera. The feeling of incompleteness had become painful now but he bore it as best he could.  He knew he had to get over Asami and he felt he would after some time had passed.  There was a bench near where Asami had pulled him into the car.  He sat down, thinking about him and wondering how and what he was doing.

Obviously, Asami had been important but he now had the feeling that he was scary important.  He’d thought about looking into his background, surely there had to be something he could find out about him but he decided to let it go.  It would only make the separation more difficult.  He looked through the viewfinder up at the huge buildings surrounding him and focused the camera.  “I know you miss me, Asami.  I know you miss me more than anything,” he said out loud through gritted teeth.

“Sorry, did you say something?” said an unfamiliar voice. Akihito put down the camera.  A salaryman was sitting on the bench next to him.  He didn’t even hear him approach, much less sit down.

“No, I didn’t.  Well, not really,” said Akihito.  The man smiled at him.  He had perfect white teeth.

Akihito looked at him more closely.  “Do I know you? Have we met before?”

“I don’t think so.  No, I don’t think we’ve met,” said the man. “So are you missing a friend of yours?”

“No.  Well, a little but he misses me more, I think,” said Akihito looking down at the camera.  “It’s for the best, though.” He glanced at the man. “Sometimes it’s best to not be in contact with certain people, know what I mean?  Sometimes you just have to accept that certain people can’t be your friends.”

“Yes, I know what you mean,” said the man, nodding. He pushed up his rectangular glasses.

Akihito stood up.  “Well, have a good day.”



Maseo smiled as he watched Akihito walk away.  He was standing near the bench.  Though he was in the middle of a large crowd, he could still see the young man as he disappeared down a narrow side street.

A limo with blacked out windows approached from the other direction.  Maseo stayed hidden in the crowd, watching the passenger back window. He knew Asami was looking at the bench, thinking about Akihito.  The car continued down the street.

The crowd around Maseo dissipated.  He was looking in the direction of the now retreating car.  “No, Akihito, some people can’t be your friends but a friend is different from the man you’re going to spend the rest of your life with.”  His smiled broadened. “In five years, Akihito, you and Asami will find each other again.  It won’t be easy but it will be worth it.”


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