Chapter 10

TW: Sadistic violence

OrdSi Ch10“Well, isn’t this cozy?” Akihito looked up at Ravi who was pointing a gun at them.  Asami, looking up as well, let go of Akihito.  He slowly slid off him and stood up, never taking his eyes off Ravi.

“What…are you doing here?” Asami asked.  His voice sounded uncharacteristically breathless.  It was a pointless question but Asami had asked it anyway.  Akihito sat up, zipping up his jeans.

“I just had to come here after that debacle in the hallway, Asami.  You didn’t think I could let such an insult like that pass so easily, did you?” said Ravi.  Asami glanced around the penthouse.

“Yes, I had to come on my own.  Those jackals, they work for my father not me.  They would have stopped me from this little bit of theater.  All in the name of my own ‘protection.’  Ha!  What do they know about being entertained?” said Ravi.  His glorious green eyes blazed with excitement.

“How did you get in here?” asked Akihito standing up slowly.

“I was once Asami’s lover too, Takaba-kun,” Ravi said. He smiled at Asami. “I know you said we were finished but I couldn’t help making a copy of the key to the front door.  Just as a souvenir, you understand.”

Asami said nothing.  He remained motionless, watching Ravi the entire time.

Ravi sighed. “Asami, you are so boring sometimes but that won’t last for long. Now, Takaba-kun, take the gun from Asami’s shoulder holster and give it to me.  Slowly now.”

Akihito glanced at Asami and they had a wordless exchange.  Akihito removed the gun from the holster lying on the couch near Asami’s jacket and vest and he held it out to Ravi.

Ravi smiled, taking the gun and took aim at him.  Akihito didn’t have time to react. There was a deafening sound of a gunshot and Akihito felt a searing pain in his right leg.  He screamed, his legs buckling beneath him, and his eyes tearing up.  He couldn’t breathe, the pain was ripping through his leg and then something hard collided with his jaw, knocking him to the floor.  Ravi had kicked him in the face.

“That’s for kicking me earlier, you brat,” said Ravi.

“RAVI!!!!” Asami shouted and lunged for him but stopped suddenly.  Ravi smirked at him.  He was holding the gun to Akihito’s head.

“I don’t have any problems with blowing his head off, Asami.  In fact, that’s the whole point of this visit.  Now sit down on the couch, there’s a good man.”

Asami sat down, his expression murderous.  “What…do you want?” he asked.

Ravi glanced around the room.  “So many things, Asami.  I want so many things but right here, right now?  I wanted to rape your Takaba-kun, shoot him in the head, and leave his dead body for you to find.  That’s what I wanted but it didn’t work out so I’ll have to content myself with just shooting him in the head while you watch.”

“Why…?” Asami asked.  He seemed to have difficulty talking.  “What has he done to you?”

“Insulted me but that doesn’t really warrant that kind of execution, does it?  No, I’m bored and I want to cause you pain, Asami.  Lots of pain.”  Ravi sat down, leaning close to him, and lowered his voice.  “It will be the most excellent theater, Asami, watching you suffer.”

“Your sadistic games are going to be the death of you, Ravi. You are nothing but a spoiled child from a powerful family, but your family and your father’s men won’t be able to save you if you kill Akihito,” said Asami.

“You didn’t seem to have any problems with me when we were in bed together.  Oh yes, you were quite besotted if I recall,” Ravi smirked, “You always were good at making threats and carrying them out.  I have to say, it’s the only time when you aren’t boring.”

Asami did not respond to Ravi’s comments.  Instead, he looked down at Akihito.  “You okay?” Asami asked him, his voice barely audible.  He’d almost mouthed the question.  Akihito nodded, wincing.  Asami looked over Akihito’s bleeding leg, quickly assessing the injury.  His eyes burned with a fury Akihito had never seen before yet he remained calm.

Akihito was breathing hard from the pain and from the shock of being shot again.  He was applying pressure to the wound with his hands but he was still bleeding.  The bullet had gone through the fleshy, upper part of his calf but even that pain couldn’t stop the sense of loss he felt.  He realized he understood what Maseo had meant when he said sometimes the right person for you isn’t the person you thought it would be.  He felt that something had opened up and was starting to bloom between them, just that day, even less than half an hour ago, but now the cold hard reality of Asami’s underworld life was revealing itself in all its ugliness.  He tried to grasp at the thing that was blooming, ever so fragile, but it seemed to be slipping away.  The silence between them and the realization was all part of it.  Even though he had tried to push it away himself, he realized he hadn’t wanted to.  He wanted to let it grow between them.

Ravi nodded towards the floor to ceiling windows.  It was completely dark outside, the sparkling lights of West Shinjuku making it look like some obscene jewel.  “Takaba-kun, you don’t know how many times I’ve seen Asami look out that window as I’m sure you’re used to seeing him.  Our Asami loves a wonderful view, does he not?”

“You’re going to die, Ravi,” Akihito said, finally finding his voice.  He had to force the words out.  He was thinking furiously, trying to think of what he could do.

Ravi’s eyes glowed.  “No, Takaba, you’re the one who’s going to die.  How long will it take for Asami to forget you?  Not long, I promise.  There are plenty of pretty young men around.  As for me, he can’t stay angry for very long with people he does so much business with.”  Asami made a sudden move towards Akihito and Ravi pointed the gun at him.  Asami sat back, hands up.  Ravi didn’t take his eyes off Asami as he addressed Akihito.  “You think you’re special, Takaba, because Asami went all the way to Hong Kong to get you back but you’re not.  You’re just one of many young men Asami plays with for a period of time.  He’s incapable of keeping anyone for very long.”

“That’s n-not true,” Akihito tried to control the trembling in his voice but the pain in his leg was getting worse.

“It’s not?  Do you know why he’s never with anyone, Takaba?  It’s not because he has no feelings. It’s because he destroys the person he loves.  No one can handle being with Asami Ryuichi.  He’ll break you and then he’ll kill you when you’ve outlived your usefulness.  Or failing that, someone else will kill you.  Everyone knows that Asami is incapable of keeping his lover safe.”

“Ravi, are you…trying to piss me off…?” The sound of Asami’s voice was calm and ice cold.  He was completely still.

Ravi laughed, a beautiful, almost musical sound.  “Yes!  Asami, I knew I’d get a reaction from you.  It’s too bad you care so much for your Takaba. If you didn’t, I wouldn’t have bothered.  I admit it would be more entertaining to watch him break and die like the others but today I’ll just shoot him in the head.”

“I’m not going to break and die.  That’s not going to happen.  Not to me,” Akihito said through his clenched teeth.  Something was stirring inside him, something clear and true.  The realization was dawning, its first rays of light becoming visible to him at last.  He sat up straighter, supported by the couch.  Even with the pain in his leg tearing through him and the dull ache of his jaw, Akihito glared up at Ravi.  “Listen up, you spoiled bastard.  No one is going to break me.  Not you and your fucked up organization, not this dangerous world, and certainly not Asami Ryuichi.”

Ravi laughed.  “Bravo, Takaba.  I almost believe you.  Look at those eyes.  I can see why Asami feels the way he does about you but I’m bored with this conversation.  It’s time for the main event.  Asami, raise your hands up and don’t do anything stupid.”  Asami slowly raised his hands.  Ravi casually pointed his gun at him, grabbed Asami’s right middle finger, and wrenched it backwards.  The finger broke at the base with a loud snapping sound.  Asami yelped as Ravi gave the broken finger a vicious shake before letting go.

Asami grimaced, cradling his hand.  He was breathing hard but kept his eyes on Ravi.

“A…Asami!!!”  Akihito shouted, “Asami!  Are you…?”

“Ah, ah!  Not so fast, Takaba, stay away from him,” said Ravi waving the gun in Akihito’s face.  Akihito sat back again, his eyes on Asami.

Asami kept glaring at Ravi, still holding his hand.  “I’m… okay, Akihito,” he said, his voice tight.

Ravi laughed in delight and then sat down on Asami’s lap, shoving the gun barrel to his head.  Ravi held out Asami’s gun to Akihito.  Akihito wiped his own blood off his hands as best as he could and took the gun.  He pointed it at Ravi.

“Don’t worry, it’s loaded and the safety is turned off.  Now, Takaba, I want you to put the gun to your head and pull the trigger.  If you don’t, I’ll shoot Asami in the head.”

“And if I shoot you instead?” Akihito was shaking, his anger flooding him.  He had no idea why spoiled vermin such as Ravi was allowed to live but he wanted to remedy that situation.

“You don’t even know how to use a gun, boy.  And you could hit Asami instead.”  Ravi leaned his head against Asami’s, brushing his lips against his cheek.  “In fact, you would have to kill me outright because anything less than that and I’ll put a hole in this beautiful man’s head.”

Akihito felt weak and his heart was pounding.  His leg was still bleeding, the ache of his torn flesh felt cold.  He wiped the sweat from his brow. He needed just a little more time.

“Asami,” he said.  Asami looked at him, and Akihito could see a sadness in his eyes that he’d never seen before.

“Shut up and put the gun to your head,” said Ravi.  He traced the gun barrel down Asami’s forehead.

“I…I need to ask him something first,” said Akihito.  “Is it true that you destroy the people you love?”

Ravi laughed.  “You see, Asami?  Takaba here talks a good game, and has good fire in his eyes but when it comes down to it, he’ll break like the others.”  Ravi licked his beautiful lips.  “Why don’t you tell him about Jin?”

Asami flinched, inhaling sharply.  Ravi laughed again, apparently delighted to get another reaction out of him.

“Wh-what happened to him?” Akihito kept his eyes focused on Asami.

“A yakuza boss killed him,” said Asami.  His voice was slightly hoarse but steady.

“No, that’s not true.  Tell Takaba the truth.  You killed him, didn’t you?  Say it.”

Asami looked deep into Akihito’s eyes.  He seemed to be focusing on him as well.  “No, I didn’t.”

“TELL THE TRUTH!!!!” Ravi screamed at Asami.  He shoved the barrel right up to Asami’s left eye.  Akihito flinched backwards and audibly caught his breath but Asami didn’t blink nor did he move.

“Stop. Just stop,” said Akihito, pointing Asami’s gun to his own head.  “Leave him alone.  I want…I want to relieve him of this burden.  He’s saved me countless times but I don’t want him to have to keep doing that.  It’s no good, Asami.  The world is too dangerous for us.”

“Akihito…” Asami moved for a moment then went still.  “Don’t.  Please.  Akihito…” His voice cracked.

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