Chapter 3 (NC-17)

OrdSi Ch3“Ahhhh!…Ah!” Akihito cried out as Asami licked his neck sending warm tremors through him. He needed Asami, needed all of him.  He wasn’t going to struggle or fight him, not this time.  He wanted desperately to melt into him, to give himself completely over to the unbearable aching.  Asami nibbled on his neck and then licked his ear.

“Bite harder!  More!” Akihito gasped as Asami bit down harder on his neck. The chills made his hips jerk and twitch.  Another bite. “Ah!..Ahhhhh!!”

When they kissed, he opened his mouth to Asami’s tongue which flicked gently at the roof of his mouth and then thrust deeper inside.  “…Nnnn!..”  The kiss deepened, their lips pressing and releasing gently, their tongues tenderly exploring each other’s mouths.  Asami held him tighter, his lips and tongue becoming more insistent, striving to get deeper.

“Nnnnn…mmmm,” Akihito moaned.  He slipped his hands in Asami’s hair and they collapsed together on the car seat.

Asami broke the kiss and slid down, pulling up Akihito’s shirt.  Akihito pulled it off, tossing onto the limo floor.  Asami placed warm kisses along his toned belly working his way up to Akihito’s chest. Then he sucked and licked his nipple, squeezing as it hardened in his fingers. The aching sensation was wrapping around Akihito, gripping him tightly.  He was already moving his hips when Asami opened his zipper and pulled his jeans and shorts down past his knees, freeing his already hard cock.

Asami paused, sitting up.  He reached into the pocket on the limo door and pulled out a tube of lube.  Akihito watched, panting, as Asami removed the cap and squeezed the slick clear gel onto his fingers then he lay back down and slowly licked Akihito from the base of his balls to the tip of his head.  He paused there, slowly licking the drips of creamy pre-cum leaking out of the tip.

Akihito took a sudden breath.  He felt Asami’s cold, lubbed fingers at his entrance.  He pushed against them, sighing, then Asami grabbed the base of his cock and mouthed the head.

“Ah!!!…Ah!!…AHHHHH!!!” Akihito shuddered as Asami licked and then sucked on his dripping cock.  Asami’s mouth was hot and wet, his tongue flicking at the sensitive area at the base of the head.  “AHHH!!” He pushed his cock deeper into Asami’s mouth as he felt his slick fingers parting him, opening him up.  Asami sucked down his cock, rolling his tongue along the hard shaft, up and down.  As he did so, he pushed his fingers deeper into Akihito, sending waves of pleasure through him.

“Asami!!…please…I want!”  Akihito needed more.  He needed to feel his hardness, his burning heat, thrusting into him.  Asami stopped fingering him and sat up long enough to throw off his jacket. Then he quickly and expertly removed his gun and shoulder holster.  As Asami unbuttoned and pulled off his vest, Akihito kicked off his shoes and jeans.  He unbuttoned Asami’s white shirt and unzipped his pants.  Asami settled on the seat while Akihito leaned over him. He felt Asami’s throbbing cock twitch in his hand and then he bent down, taking it in his mouth, pushing it in all the way to his balls.  Akihito paused only for a moment to let the back of his throat open as he moved his head back and forth slightly, allowing Asami to thrust his cock deeper into his throat.  He heard Asami’s breath quicken and began sliding his head up and down, his lips tight over Asami’s shaft.  He rolled his tongue over and along the underside of the thick head only to slide Asami’s cock all the way back down deep into the back of his throat.  He could feel Asami’s cock getting even harder and he could taste his pre-cum.  Asami laid his hand on the back of Akihito’s head and stroked his other hand over his back while Akihito sucked up and down.  Akihito looked up.  Asami was breathing hard, his brow furrowed, but he never stopped watching him.  Akihito pulled Asami’s cock out of his mouth and ran his lips along the stiff shaft, sliding back and forth keeping his lips in firm contact, then over the head and buried Asami’s cock deep in his throat again, still looking up at him all the while.

“Haaahh…That’s good,” Asami sighed, “Lick the head.” Akihito took all of the thick head into his mouth, slowly licking the underside again, his saliva dripping down Asami’s shaft.  Then he slowly swirled his tongue around the head of his cock while stroking the shaft up and down.  Asami ran his fingers through Akihito’s hair, pulling it gently.  “….Mmmm…” Akihito closed his eyes as the satisfaction of giving Asami pleasure coursed through him.

Asami pulled his cock out of Akihito’s mouth then lifted his chin and kissed him.  They kissed deeply, slowly, their tongues curling together as Asami laid Akihito down on the seat, climbed in between his legs, and thrust his tongue deeper into Akihito’s mouth.  Akihito moaned, moving underneath him.  He slid his hands over Asami’s hips, pushing his pants farther down.  Asami thrust his hips slowly, letting his hard cock rub against him.  Akihito arched his back, gasping against his mouth.  He wanted to feel Asami deep inside him.  Akihito pushed his hips against him and then attempted to spread his legs wider but the car seat was a little cramped.  They moved together, still kissing.  Akihito laid his hands on Asami’s lower back and then wrapped his arms around him, squeezing him tight.

Asami sat up and grabbed the back of Akihito’s thighs, raising his hips, and pushed his cock into him.  “AH!…Hah!…Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!” The pain was sharp but immediately gave way as Akihito opened up for him.  Asami paused for a moment, looking down at him. Then he pushed the back of Akihito’s thighs again, thrusting into him slowly.  Akihito closed his eyes, the longed for heat and hardness filling him.  “Ah!!…More!”  Asami collapsed on top of him, kissing him, as he pushed deeper inside.

“Nnn!…Nnnn!” He clawed at Asami’s back, pulling his white shirt down from his shoulders.  Asami was still kissing him, thrusting slowly, his thick hardness tempering the raging desire to a tender aching.  With each thrust Akihito felt as if he was floating on a sea of heat and pleasure.  The pressure from Asami’s thick cock reached deep inside him, spreading a rich, tingling warmth throughout his body, teasing and pushing at him. Akihito felt like he was rocking in slow motion, his desire rolling through him in very slow waves.  The waves would break gently, causing him to shudder.

“Ahhhhhhhh…that’s goooood!!!!…Sooo goooood!!”  Akihito floated, rocking, eyes half closed and unfocused, Asami’s thick hardness still thrusting deep into him with leisurely strokes.  He felt Asami’s lips on his and slid his tongue along the inside of Asami’s mouth, his fingers slipping through Asami’s hair again.

Asami broke the kiss again and gripping Akihito’s leg shoved deeply into him, bringing him back.  He looked up at Asami and cried out from the next thrust.  And then the next.  Asami was pulling his cock out most of the way and then ramming it back into him, over and over. The hard aching desire returned and he felt it building up inside him again, pushing and driving him. The raging fire in his body was wrapping around him, tightening and squeezing.  Asami was pounding him hard, their bodies smacking together.  Akihito wanted so badly he felt as if he were on the verge of sobbing.


Akihito felt like he was being tossed around and held on.  Asami shoved into him, trying to bury himself deeper inside.  Tears ran out of Akihito’s eyes.

“Asami…need…closer…to you!”  He barely got the words out.  Asami pressed his full body weight down on top of him, gripping him.  Akihito wrapped his legs around him, holding him as tight as he could.  They gasped from squeezing the air out of each other but held on, Asami still thrusting deeply into him.  Asami looked into his eyes then gently pressed his forehead against Akihito’s as that strange feeling of silence fell over them.  They stared into each other’s eyes sighing from the ecstasy of their bodies moving together.  Akihito gripped Asami’s back as he neared his climax but he kept looking into his eyes.  The silence deepened between them.  Akihito felt his heart hurting again, and more tears ran out of his eyes.  They shared another kiss, Asami’s lips like velvet on his, sweet and soft.  Akihito let out a sob and closed his eyes, their rocking bodies bringing him closer to climax.  He felt as if his heart was going to beat out of his chest.

“Ah!…A…Asami!…Ahhhhh!!  Ahhhh!!” Akihito cried out as the waves from his climax broke over him.  The pleasure was so intense it was almost painful.  He shivered and bucked under Asami, spilling his cum on both their bellies.

“Akihito!  Look at me!”  He opened his eyes.  Asami gripped his face with both hands and cried out as his climax washed over him, still staring into his eyes.  Akihito watched Asami’s eyes go vacant for a few moments and then clear.  He never closed them.

Asami collapsed on top of him, breathing hard.  Akihito could feel him shudder and twitch, his breath coming in soft gasps, then his racing heart slowing down.  They lay together quietly, Akihito gently caressing the back of his neck.  Then Asami rose up on his elbow and looked down at him, his hair falling over his forehead.  Akihito brushed Asami’s hair from his eyes.  Asami kissed him gently and started to move.

“Don’t go, not yet,” Akihito murmured.  Asami lay down on top of him again, kissed him on the cheek, and nuzzled his face in the crook of Akihito’s neck.  They held each other, not saying anything.

Asami’s cell phone rang but he didn’t move.  It kept ringing and Akihito became aware of the sounds and the movement of the limo, the cramped seat, their tangled clothes, and the smell of sex and sweat.  He wanted to say something important but he couldn’t articulate it.  The phone stopped ringing and Asami lifted his head to look at Akihito again.

Akihito gazed up at him.  “Asami, I…I realized something.  I think I’m…I mean, I…”  He stopped speaking, unable to go on.

“Come home with me,” Asami whispered. He laid his hand on Akihito’s chest, his fingertips resting gently on him.

Akihito shook his head.  “I can’t.  Nothing’s changed.  You said so yourself.  It will still be the same no matter where I am.  I can’t do that anymore, Asami.”

Asami closed his eyes for a moment then slowly pulled out of Akihito and eased off him.  Akihito gingerly sat up.  His legs and hips ached.  Asami got dressed.  He wouldn’t look at him and his face was unreadable.  As Akihito pulled on his clothes he wondered what he had wanted to say to Asami when the phone stopped ringing.  He decided he didn’t want to think about it.

“Where do you want to be dropped off?” asked Asami, lighting a Dunhill.  Akihito didn’t want to leave him yet.  He reluctantly asked to be dropped off near the train station.  As the car pulled around and changed direction, Asami still wouldn’t look at him.  Akihito touched his hand.

Asami glanced sharply at him, pulling the cigarette out of his mouth.  His eyes held something almost like pain, mixed with an uncharacteristic openness.  His face was softer, gently colored from their lovemaking.  His bright eyes and faintly blushed lips and cheeks made his face seem less angular.  The natural hardness seemed to have slipped away.  He hadn’t bothered to put on his vest or jacket.  Instead he’d settled for buttoning up his very rumpled white shirt.  With his hair falling softly over his face, Akihito had never seen him look more vulnerable or beautiful.

“Get yourself something to eat, Akihito.  Use the bill I gave you.  Do that for me at least,” he said.  The car stopped.  It took a few moments for Akihito stop staring at Asami and to exit the car.  They were still staring at each other when the car door closed.

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