Chapter 9

OrdSi Ch9Akihito slipped the key into the lock and turned it.  The doors opened silently and he entered the waiting elevator. He was nervous but he was certain Asami wouldn’t be there.  It wasn’t even 19:30 yet.  He opened the door quickly, the lights automatically turning on as he entered the vast penthouse. He walked straight to the room with his things and grabbed the doorknob.  It was locked.  He tried the door again and slammed his fist into it with a yelp.

A door opened somewhere behind him and he spun to see Asami coming towards him, holding his keys.  His face was briefly shadowed in the dark of the hallway and then when he moved into the light his features sharpened into view.  Asami’s frown deepened when he saw him.  “Akihito, you’re a mess.  What happened?”

“Nothing.  It’s nothing,” he said, stepping back, “Stay away.”  He was trembling again.  The longing and aching were returning with a vengeance.  Asami moved towards him.

“STOP! Stay back!” Akihito shouted.  Asami paused and then took a step back.  “I’m leaving. You won’t see me again.  You won’t have to worry about me causing you anymore problems,” Akihito said taking a shivering breath.

“I don’t care about that.  It wasn’t important,” said Asami, looking into his eyes.

“NOT IMPORTANT???!!” Akihito shouted, “He was touching you. He KISSED you!  How could you let him do that in front of me, and NOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT??!!”

Asami took another step back.  “You said wanted to talk to me.  We can talk now.”  Akihito slumped against the door before nodding. He followed Asami into the living room to the huge couch and sat down on the end.  Asami looked down at him, still standing, his hands in his pockets.  “You look like you need some water,” he said and went to the kitchen.

Akihito’s heart was pounding again.  He tried to hold back his feelings but they seemed to have reached a boiling point now that he was with Asami.  Once again, his anger and humiliation were insignificant compared to the terrible longing he felt.  He closed his eyes for a moment, trying to push his feelings away again.

“Here.” Asami was holding out a glass of water to him.  He had already put a second glass of water on the coffee table in front of him.  Akihito drank down the water as Asami removed his jacket, shoulder holster with his gun, and his vest.  He felt the couch shift when Asami sat down.  He put the glass on the coffee table.  Asami pulled out a Dunhill and lit it.

“You had questions,” said Asami, exhaling smoke.

“Who is this Ravi and what is he to you, other than a condescending royal bastard?” asked Akihito.

“Ravi works for another organization.  He’s the boss’ oldest son, very important.  We were having a business meeting along with several other representatives,” said Asami.

There was a silence as Akihito absorbed what Asami just told him.  Again, that comfortable, ordinary silence.  Akihito stared at Asami as he felt an important realization dawning though he didn’t know what it was yet.  He wondered what it had to do with him.

“Are you in love with him?” Akihito asked finally.  He was surprised to hear himself ask that question.

“No,” said Asami, tapping the cigarette on a silver ashtray on the coffee table.

“But you knew him before, right? You were both, you were…” said Akihito, unable to finish the sentence.

“Yes, Akihito, we were lovers.  That was a long time ago.  Now I see Ravi once or twice a year for business purposes only.  It’s true he possesses a rare beauty but he’s also spoiled, cruel, and even dangerous.  He enjoys using with people for his own amusement,” said Asami, standing up.  He walked a few steps, turned, and then sat down, the cigarette smoke swirling around him.

“You let him kiss you,” said Akihito. He felt a surge of anger again. It did nothing to temper the longing.

“I’m sorry.  It won’t happen again,” Asami said.  He stood up again and then sat down.  He laughed for a moment, a hard, unnatural sound.

“What?” asked Akihito.

A cold trace of a smile flitted across Asami’s face, “I don’t explain myself to people and I never….”  He stopped.

“W-Well, I’m not people,” said Akihito, “I’m not just anyone.” He folded his arms.

“No, you’re not.  Please…continue with your questions.” Asami’s voice was softer.

“Why didn’t you do anything?”

“Because you did it for me, Akihito.”

The sentence hung in the air between them and the two men watched each other, not moving.  Once again, Akihito felt the realization pushing at him but its meaning remained out of reach.

“Am I…am I just one of many men you play with, Asami?” Akihito was trembling again, afraid of the answer.

“No,” Asami said his voice still soft. “You’ve tailed me a number of times, Akihito.  Have you ever seen me with another man?”

“No,” said Akihito looking down.  He didn’t know why but tears were starting to gather in his eyes again.  He blinked them away.  “I’m thirsty,” he said.  Asami leaned forward and handed him the second glass of water on the table.  Akihito drank it down.

“I’m sorry about your father’s letter opener.  I didn’t know it belonged to him,” said Akihito.

“It doesn’t matter,” Asami said, taking another drag from his cigarette, “What did you want to speak to me about? You came to see me at the club.”

Akihito put the glass down, feeling stronger, “I can’t see you anymore. This is making me crazy and I know it’s not easy for you either.  I need my things back.”

Asami’s expression didn’t change but Akihito felt the all too familiar shift in him anyway.  Asami put out the cigarette in the ashtray and moved closer to him.

“Don’t,” Akihito said, shrinking away, “Don’t you…” But Asami was on him.  His arms and warmth were overwhelming and Akihito felt the aching tear through him again, making him shake.  “STOP!” he managed to yell before Asami kissed him.


Their tongues wrapped around each other and the familiar smoky taste and heat of Asami poured through him as Akihito shoved his own tongue deep into Asami’s mouth.  He needed to give into him, to be taken by him again, and now the desire made him grip Asami’s shirt, ripping it open so he could slide his hands over his smooth skin.

“Ah..!  Ah!  Asami!” Akihito cried out.  Asami shifted, pushing him down onto the couch, but Akihito slid off the edge and the two men tumbled to the thick white carpeted floor.

“Ow!” Akihito’s leg banged into the coffee table.  Asami shoved it, sending the two glasses and silver ashtray flying.  Then Akihito gripped his shirt collar to pull him down again.

Another kiss, deeper this time.  Akihito’s cock was rock hard and his hips were already pushing into Asami.  He was losing himself, the longing and the aching were so painful that he thought he might cum right there.  Asami pulled open Akihito’s jeans, and slipped his hand into his shorts.

“Ahhhh!” Akihito cried out from the searing pleasure of Asami’s hand curling around him.

A shadow fell over them and there was the cold sound of a metallic click. Akihito felt Asami freeze.

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