Epilogue Pt 2 (NC-17)

OrdSi Ep2“My men have their orders,” Asami said.  He tilted his head towards Akihito but instead of kissing him, he nipped him gently on the lips.  Fire surged through Akihito.

“You can’t…keep trying to distract me like this,” said Akihito.

Asami kissed him, his warm, tongue entering his mouth immediately.  Akihito opened up for him, gripping his jacket.  Their tongues probed deeply, lips pressing, tender and wet.  Akihito reached his arms around Asami’s neck as he was picked up.  The desire was sending shivers through his body.  Asami carried him down the hallway to his office, still kissing him.

“You’re right, I shouldn’t distract you like this. Open the door,” Asami said, breaking the kiss, breathless.  Akihito reached down and just managed to turn the knob.  Asami pushed door open back first, went through it, and kicked it shut.  He went straight for the carefully set table in the middle of the office, gently placing Akihito on the edge before shoving all the dishes to the floor.  Akihito heard some of the dishes breaking.  The two servers waiting with the food on a separate cart stood frozen in their places, shocked.  Akihito already had Asami’s tie off and was unbuttoning his shirt, kissing his neck while Asami shrugged out of his jacket then removed his shoulder holster and gun, laying them carefully on the chair next to the table.  “Out,” he heard Asami say to two servers.  Akihito heard the footsteps and then the door closing but stayed focused on Asami.  Asami tore open Akihito’s shirt, the buttons flying, and then worked on his jeans and shorts, pulling them down quickly.  He dropped down to his knees, holding Akihito’s cock and licking the head, slowly working his tongue around the underside of the bottom ridge before taking it into his mouth.

“Ahhh!” Akihito cried out.  The pleasure shot through him and he tried to push his cock deeper into Asami’s mouth.  Asami wetted two of his fingers then slid his mouth all the way down the base of Akihito’s cock, licking all the way down, pushing it deep into the back of his throat.  Akihito arched his back, crying out, moving his hips. When Akihito felt Asami’s fingers starting to probe him, he tilted his hips so Asami would have better access.  Asami held his legs so he wouldn’t tumble off the table’s edge, still sucking and probing.

The hard pleasure was building inside him, the heat burning his face.  He gripped Asami’s hair.  He needed to thrust, to push deeply but Asami was his holding his hips, restricting his movements.  “Ahhh! Ha! Hah!!” he cried out but Asami was driving his cock deep into his throat, having set his rhythm to a slightly slower pace.  Akihito tried to move and Asami thrust his fingers deeper inside him.  Ah, hah, ahh!” Akihito yelled, struggling against Asami’s hands, trying to thrust, his pleasure hardening and building.  All at once, Asami pulled out his fingers, released Akihito’s cock from his mouth and stood up undoing his pants.

“NO!! Asami!  Need you…NOW!” Akihito shouted.  Asami grabbed Akihito’s knees pushing them forward, tilting his hips up, spreading his legs, and shoved himself inside.  His large, thick cock slid in, meeting some resistance.  Even though Akihito was mostly ready for him there was a sharp pain which quickly subsided as Asami shoved and worked himself all the way to the base of his balls, pulling Akihito closer to the edge of the table.  Akihito lay back, crying out as his body stretched to accommodate Asami’s thickness and length.  Asami began thrusting, driving the tingly heat deeper inside him.  His strokes were shorter at first until Akihito opened up completely for him and then Asami pumped harder.  The table trembled and rattled.  Akihito grabbed the table’s edge and held on.

“Ahhh!  Ah!  Asami!” Akihito cried, arching his back, his eyes opening wide as he felt Asami’s hot cock pushing against his sensitive spot.  The pleasure spread out slowly inside him; the heat and desire seemed to be stretching out, the tension pulling tighter and tighter.  Akihito gripped the table hard and cried out over and over, calling Asami’s name.  He felt the the head of Asami’s cock driving deep inside him, pushing the tension towards its peak yet it wasn’t enough to take him over the edge.  He wanted more and more. He wanted Asami to pound him until he couldn’t walk.

Asami grabbed Akihito’s legs wrapping them around him then holding Akihito’s hips in place with one hand, he shifted and began thrusting into him at a slightly different angle.  He gripped Akihito’s engorged cock and stroked, timing his thrusts with his stroking hand.  Hot cum dripped out and ran all over Asami’s hand.  Akihito shuddered and his face burned with heat.  His body twitched and jolted, the desire and aching building quickly to his climax.  It was too much.  Asami’s cock was reaching deep inside him, his thrusts teasing and shoving the pleasure farther into him, driving his hips into the table.  Akihito screamed and convulsed, his pleasure splattering all over his belly.  Asami shoved forward hard several times and then yelled himself, filling Akihito with hot cum, his hips thrusting and trembling.  Asami slumped over him, breathing hard.  Akihito could felt Asami’s racing heart slow down as they held each other, resting.

“It’s…a good thing Kirishima told the servers to stop laying the food out on the table until we sit down to eat,” said Asami.  He was still shuddering from the aftershocks of his climax.  There was an uncharacteristic smile in Asami’s voice and he chuckled.  Akihito closed his eyes, smiling.  These small displays of Asami’s humor were becoming more frequent even if he was the only person who saw them.

Akihito opened his eyes, suddenly aware of the smell of the food on the cart near them. “I’m hungry,” he said.  Asami raised his head and they kissed deeply.  He pulled slowly out of him and then stepped back.  Asami grabbed a cloth napkin, dipping it into one of the water glasses that had somehow managed to stay upright on the table.  He cleaned himself off quickly, pulling on his pants.  Then he re-dipped the napkin into the water and gently cleaned up Akihito, wiping down the warm cum that was dripping out of him.  Akihito slipped off the table and pulled on his clothes.  His shirt only had a couple of buttons so he let it hang open.  He buttoned up Asami’s shirt then raised his face to Asami for a kiss.  Asami’s arm enveloped his waist, his other hand gently traced Akihito’s cheek, sending sweet shivers through him as their kiss deepened.

“Mmmmm,” Akihito sighed.  They stood together for a few moments, foreheads touching, and then Asami pulled gently away.  Their jackets and Asami’s tie and vest were still scattered on the floor.  Asami called for the servers while Akihito quickly wiped down the table.  The servers would bring another table and a new cart of food he knew but he still wanted to wipe the table off.

They sat down together after Asami laid his gun and holster on his desk.  Asami ran his fingers through Akihito’s hair, combing it into place.  All around them in Asami’s beautiful office were the broken and tumbled white dishes, the cart of food that was now getting cold, and their scattered clothes.  Akihito thought about everything that had happened before this, everything that brought him to this perfect moment with Asami.

“I promise, Akihito,” said Asami.

“Promise what?” he asked.  The sweet afterglow of their lovemaking made him feel warm and relaxed.

Asami took his hand and kissed the palm.  “Almost everything and anything.”

Akihito laughed.  Sometimes Asami said odd things after they made love.  “Almost?”

“For all intents and purposes,” said Asami.

“What are you talking about?” asked Akihito, scooting the chair closer to him.

Asami shrugged.  “Nothing.  There’s nothing to worry about.”

“Okay.  You’re not making any sense but I’ll promise too.  For all intents and purposes,” said Akihito, chuckling.

Asami only smiled, putting his arm around him.  Akihito leaned his head on Asami’s shoulder, relishing the ordinary silence.

The End

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